2021 Panasonic Scholarship Now Accepting Applicants for Bachelor’s Degree

2021 Panasonic Scholarship Now Accepting Applicants for Bachelor’s Degree

Panasonic Corporation (PC), which is pursuing “A Better Life, A Better World,” is a company founded on the basic objective to be a corporation devoted to the progress and development of society and the well-being of people, thereby contributing to the growth of human civilization. The Panasonic Scholarship is one of the expressions of the Company’s commitment to contribute to society’s progress through the development of human resources. Panasonic thus provides scholarship opportunities, through its regional headquarters and companies in Asia to privately-financed students, who wish to pursue higher education.
In the Philippines, Panasonic Scholarship is administered by Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation along with the support of Panasonic Industrial Devices Philippines Corporation and offers financial assistance to promising students, who have difficulty receiving higher education particularly for economic reasons, but highly-motivated to contribute to the country’s progress and development.

Applicant must be a college student (graduating in 2 years’ time) in a Bachelor’s Degree program for the school year 2021-2022

If you are-

• Filipino citizen, and a bona fide full time college student in a state college/university, currently enrolled in the fields of engineering, industrial design, accountancy, and business administration;
• Academically deserving and financially needy, who is of good character;
• Determined to excel and make a difference
You are qualified to apply for the 2021 Panasonic Scholarship (Philippines).

Scholarship Package
Fixed educational assistance

How to apply:

Download the Official Application Form

Submit your duly accomplished application form (Parts 1,2,3) together with the following:
• True Copy of Grades (1st year to AY2020-2021).
   Applicants must have obtained a general weighted average of at least "2.00" with no “3.00”
• Other documents that may support one’s application

Submit requirements to:

Applications will be accepted until October 22, 2021.
Documents submitted shall not be returned under any circumstances.