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Lifestyle living room with Panasonic aircond

Installation and Servicing Made Easier

Installing and servicing air conditioners isn’t easy. But it’s about to get a whole lot easier thanks to the many design innovations and improvements present in new Panasonic air conditioners. No more struggling to disassemble components, not being able to see what you’re doing, squeeze in pipes or having to juggle tools with one hand. Learn about the many design improvements and convenience features we’ve introduced to make working with Panasonic air conditioners faster, easier and simpler than ever.

Easy To Install

Serviceman installing the aircond onto the wall

One-Piece Front Grille for Easy Opening and Access

Showing the aircond front grille

We’ve redesigned our air conditioners with an open concept one-piece front grille that pulls right out.
This allows installation in tight spaces and hassle-free quick access to the interior.

Aircond slider lock

Slider Locks

No more fumbling with screwdriver or accidentally dropping screws or caps. The one-piece front grille is held in place with built-in slider locks which allows for quick release without need for additional tools.

Showing a tilted aircond with arrows on the direction of tilt

Easy Access to Drain Hose

The one-piece front grille allows greater visibility and access to the air conditioner drain hose. This also allows insertion of the drain hose in a single action.

Built-In Support Holder Keeps Both Your Hands Free

Highlight the aircond built-in support holder

The design of new Panasonic air conditioners features a built-in support holder.
This convenient feature helps to hold the unit up, leaving both your hands free to work.

Showing a tilted aircond with 50% bigger space from the wall

Enlarged Working Space

We’ve implemented several new design improvements that make the unit more spacious for you to work. Thanks to these design improvements, you enjoy 50% more workspace compared to previous Panasonic air conditioner models.

Highlight a section of the aircond indicating better accessibility and visibility

Improved Access and Visibility

Together with the enlarged workspace, we’ve also made the unit easier to access and view the interior of the unit, so you can focus on your task without viewing obstructions.

Neat Installation Fits Easily In Tight Spaces

Showing the aircond fitted closely in a tight space

Pushing beyond the limits of conventional air conditioner design, we’ve made improvements
to make the installation of new Panasonic air conditioners easier, neater and more secure.

Showing a before and after difference of piping space from the aircond

Enlarged Piping Storage

New innovations and improvements have allowed us to free up more space in the interior layout. The result of this is a 15% increase in space for piping storage.

Highlight of the aircond installation plate on uneven wall

Reinforced Installation Plate

Listening to installer feedback, we’ve developed a reinforced installation plate featuring extra screw holders* which allows for strong and secure mounting, even on uneven walls.

*Screws not provided.

Easy To Service

Serviceman using an electric driller to service the aircond

Modular Design for Easy Servicing

Aircond disect with labels

Electronic and wiring components have been integrated and moved to one side.

Built-in nanoe™ X Device and Network Adaptor

With Panasonic nanoe™ X device and built-in network adaptor*, no additional installation or maintenance required.

*nanoe™X and built-in network adaptor applicable to selected model.

A higlighted section to indicate the built-in nanoe™ X device and network adaptor

Optional Components

Modular design allows easy access to the CN-CNT port for hassle-free installation of optional components.

*Optional network adaptor applicable to selected model.

Two units of optional components

Simplified PCB Removal

STEP 1: Remove Control Board Cover
STEP 2: Disconnect connector from indicator
STEP 3: Disconnect all connectors
STEP 4: Pull out PCB

PCB removal

Smooth Wire Insertion

Single wire insert tunnel with wider opening allows for unobstructed visibility and hassle-free insertion of wiring components.

Back and front view of smooth wire insertion

Fits Perfectly Anywhere

Aircond placed close to the ceiling and wall with 50mm gap

Panasonic air-conditioners feature a compact design, allowing them to be fitted
in tight spaces with a minimum 50mm spacing from the ceiling or side walls.

Aircond close to the wall

Close to wall

Aircond close to the ceiling

Close to ceiling

Aircond above the door

Above door

Easy Installation and Servicing Guide

Watch the video to learn more and see why Panasonic's award-winning air-conditioners lead the way in innovation to bring quality air into every home.


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