Discover where the sacred spirit of Japan resides.

Kotaijingu (Naiku) is the most venerable sanctuary in Japan. Here is a jinja (Shinto shrine) dedicated to Amaterasu-Omikami, the ancestral kami (Shinto deity) of the imperial family.

One of the Holiest Place in Japan

Every time when you wish for something that you want, what will you do? For Japanese people, they will go to shrine and pray. There are approximately 80,000 shrines in Japan, ISE JINGU is known as the center of shrines; this place has 125 shrines surround it.

Amaterasu-Omikami (Known as one the supreme god in Japan) resides in the inner shrine of ISE JINGU. According to the legend, when Amaterasu-Omikami was looking for a place to be permanently enshrined, she said, "This is a sacred place, I want to stay here!”. Since then, for the past few thousand years, people come to worship here from all over the world. We are inviting you to come and visit one of the holiest place in Japan, experience the wonders of the sacred place, ISE JINGU.

An Energetic Spot for Good Luck

For those who visit ISE JINGU, it’s quite popular to pray for blessings of good luck. In addition to luck, however, there are a number of beneficial blessings you can receive by offering your prayers.


The path to Aramatsurinomiya.

It’s said that many people visit here to pray for divine protection setting about their challenging tasks.


Gate of Koyasu.

Pay a visit to this shrine if you want children in your future or for a safe and worry-free birth. Many women especially expecting mother visit here to with for these blessing.


Unique architecture of Tsukiyominomiya.

Tsukiyominomiya is dedicated to Tsukiyomi-no-Mikoto, the younger brother of Amaterasu-Omikami. At this shrine, the parents of the two deities are enshrined as well. Come here to pray for day-to-day peace and tranquility.

Once you visit ISE JINGU…

In case you visit ISE JINGU, here are our two most recommended places to visit.

Experience Olden Japan in Okageyokochou

Atmosphere of traditional Japan at Okageyokochou.

While you’re visiting the inner shrine of ISE JINGU, jump on over to Okageyokochou and try some of its famous Udon or shop for souvenirs. Okageyokochou is a replication of the Edo era streets in which Ninja and Samurai roamed. This is truly a place where you can feel the ancient spirit of Japan.

Time to Try the Renowned Ise-ebi (Spiny Lobster)

Ise-ebi, the unique delicacy at Okageyokochou.

This area is also known for its famous Ise-ebi. Considered a delicacy, the first catch of the year in the fall is dedicated to ISE JINGU. Characterized by its firm body, it is usually eaten grilled or Sashimi style. You can find this delicious meal in Okageyokochou outside of ISE JINGU.

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