Lacking Motivation?

Not everyone has the willpower of an Olympic athlete to roll out of bed and start working out. Don’t worry, we are here to help you out with some motivational tips to get you in the zone physically and mentally.

1. Grab your pre-workout beverage

It’s pretty hard to start exercising when you are hungry. Drink a pre-workout smoothie to give you energy while listening to your favorite music. Can't find the right one? All you need is an ALL Connected Audio system, Wi-Fi router and the Panasonic Music Streaming app.

2. Loosen up those muscles

You’ve heard about the miracles of stretching from yoga enthusiasts. Warming up your muscles will get your mind in the right place. Also, meditating and focusing on the task ahead is a good way to rev your engine.

3. Turn up to tune out!

It’s really hard to listen to your inner negativity when you’re rocking out to your favorite music. Use music to stay motivated throughout your workout. With Panasonic ALL Connected Audio, while jumping from place to place, enjoy your favorite song from CD, radio and online music services.

The ALL Connected Audio is a group of devices you can network wirelessly for seamless multi-room playback of almost any audio sources, from smartphones and tablets to computers.

Multi-room speaker with a CDs/ Radio/ Bluetooth® re-streaming functionality, dynamic bass sound and a stylishly slim design.

A compact multi-room speaker with outstanding sound quality, one-touch personalized button, clock and music alarm.