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180° Tiltable Monitor

180° Tiltable Monitor

Good memories deserve to be remembered forever. And what a better way to keep them eternal than by turning them into photographs. LUMIX GF9 will give you better photos worthy to be kept and shared.

A camera designed for both men and women, it is a perfect travel gadget for couples who want to save those loving expressions and to get to know more of each other. With LUMIX GF9, you can now take those shots you always wanted.

4K PHOTO Burst Shot

Capture the perfect moment


Have fun with falling leaves in autumn.

Take dynamic photos of subjects moving in fast speed.

Capture the subtle beauty you seldom notice.

Jump and snap at the perfect time.

Highlight even the finest movement of your hair.

With the 4K PHOTO Burst Shot feature, there is no way that you’ll miss a single moment. Snap breathtaking moments in your life. This feature is also available for selfies. You can enjoy the freedom of choosing the perfect shot at the perfect timing from a series of photos taken at 30 frames per second.

More Fun with 4K PHOTO Burst

Jumping trick shot.

Using the same principle with taking videos, 4K Photo Burst can take detailed pictures of every moment in a jump. 4K Burst's specialty is its ability to snap series of pictures at a fast speed, making it perfect for people wanting to take unique and active trick shots.

Panorama Selfie

Grab everything where you are

Strolling in a Japanese garden.

With the Panorama Selfie feature, eternalize the beauty of your travel locations through pictures. You won’t want miss a single bit of beauty scenery that surrounds you.

Background Control - Clear Mode

A tale in every picture

Souvenir photo in landmark.

Have you ever feel disappointed after taking a self-portrait with a beautiful background, only to realize that either you or the background is cut out or doesn’t look good in the picture? With Clear mode of Background Control feature, never experience that same disappointment again. You can take clear and sharp self-portraits with any background.

More Fun with Background Control - Clear Mode

Trick shot with a castle.

Using the Clear Mode setting of Background Control, you can balance the focus between the foreground and background. This allows you take pictures of castles, statues, and other landmarks. You will be sure to take more interesting and fun souvenir pictures on your next travel destination.

Wi-Fi Connection

Share the memories instantly

Connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi, transfer pictures as easy as 1-2-3.
Pictures taken with LUMIX GF9 will surely capture the interest of your friends and followers.

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