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Cordless Phones (DECT)

A cordless phone is still a mainstay in most Singapore homes. DECT phone range boasts chock full of great features, including, link to mobile and smart function key. These cordless phones also cover a large area, which means you do not need to get more landline phone sets than necessary to get enough coverage nor deal with messy wiring. Selected Panasonic phone models also come with additional functions, such as an answering machine, which alerts users to recorded messages whether you are at home or away.

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  • ? Simply attach the Key Finder to items that you often misplace and use the DECT cordless handset to find them quickly and easily.
  • ? Make and receive landline calls during a power failure.
  • ? Make or answer mobile calls using the phone system.
  • ? The Smart Function Key flashes at a different rate depending on the situation. By pressing this key while it is flashing, you can listen to your voice mail or respond to a call.
  • ? Catch answering machine calls whether you are at home or away


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