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Steam Cooking with Panasonic Ovens for Low Fat and Flavourful Dishes

Steam Cooking with Panasonic Ovens for Low Fat and Flavourful Dishes

Steam Cooking with Panasonic Ovens for Low Fat and Flavourful Dishes

Discover the magic of steam cooking – a culinary method that not only locks in essential nutrients but also boosts the flavours and keeps your dishes irresistibly juicy. Celebrated for its ability to preserve natural moisture and enhance flavours without extra fats, steam cooking is perfect for anyone looking to prepare low fat, nutritious, delicious meals efficiently. In this feature, we'll explore how you can use your Panasonic steam convection ovens to create healthy everyday dishes for your friends and family. Get ready for a journey through practical, flavour-enhancing cooking tips that promise tantalising results every time.

Preparing Your Ingredients for Steam Cooking


Say goodbye to bland vegetables! When preparing veggies for steaming, cut them uniformly to ensure they cook evenly. A light sprinkle of seasoning can elevate their natural sweetness or earthiness. Consider experimenting with a pinch of sea salt, cracked black pepper, or a dusting of fresh herbs like thyme or rosemary. These simple touches can turn everyday vegetables into a feast for the senses.


Prep your proteins to perfection. Marinating your meat or poultry can transform your dish from ordinary to extraordinary. Imagine chicken marinated in a tangy mix of lemon, garlic, and herbs or beef soaked in a robust concoction of soy sauce, ginger, and a hint of honey. These marinated delights, when steamed, come out exceptionally moist and flavour-packed.

Fish and Seafood

Handling fish and seafood with a bit of care can make a world of difference. Wrapping them in parchment paper or banana leaves not only helps retain moisture but also imparts a delicate, smoky aroma. This method also keeps your seafood tender and full of flavour, ideal for impressing at your next dinner party.

Seasoning Tips

Master the art of seasoning with herbs, spices, and marinades that are meant to shine in steam cooking. Create signature marinade mixes that infuse your food with layers of flavour. zesty kick of lemon zest paired with dill over salmon or a fragrant blend of rosemary and garlic for lamb. These combinations are the secret to healthy, low fat dishes full of flavour.

Optimising Flavour and Texture

Learn to layer ingredients based on their cooking times to build complexity and harmony in your dishes. Starting with the hardier items and gradually adding the more delicate ones allows each piece to absorb the steam's gentle heat, enhancing both flavour and texture. With a healthy everyday Panasonic oven, achieving the perfect bite – from crisp-tender veggies to succulent meats – is simpler than ever.

Panasonic Steam Oven Features for Better Cooking

Steam Plus Convection

Steam Plus Convection

Embrace the power of steam plus convection. This innovative feature in Panasonic ovens lets you achieve the impossible: crispy yet moist. Perfect for creating a golden crust on a roast chicken or achieving fluffy, moist interiors in baked goods, this function is a game-changer for enthusiastic cooks. The Panasonic Multifunction Grill Steam Microwave Oven NN-DS59N excels in flexibility, combining steam, convection, grill, and microwave technologies to cater to every cooking need:

● Steam cooking: Perfect for health-conscious eaters, the steam function cooks your fish and vegetables quickly while retaining moisture, flavour, and vital nutrients. The ideal cooking method for low fat meals!
● Convection cooking: Ideal for baking, use this mode to achieve an even, golden crust on pizzas and pastries or perfectly roasted meats.
● Grill function: Add a delicious char and crisp texture to meats and vegetables, replicating the outdoor grilling experience right in your kitchen.
● Microwave power: When time is of the essence, the microwave function allows for rapid reheating and cooking, ensuring efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Adjustable Steam Settings

Tailor your cooking with adjustable steam settings. The Panasonic 31L Steam Convection Cubie Oven NU-SC280’s innovative steam technology offers three steam modes to accommodate a variety of dishes:

  1. Low steam mode - Ideal for delicate foods that require gentle cooking, such as fish, seafood, and certain vegetables. This mode ensures that the natural flavours and textures of these tender items are preserved without overcooking.
  2. Medium steam mode - Perfect for cooking chicken, dumplings, or rice. It provides a balanced steam environment that penetrates deep into the ingredients, ensuring they are cooked evenly and retain their moisture.
  3. High steam mode - Suited for more robust items like root vegetables and tougher cuts of meat. This setting uses a powerful steam blast to ensure even the densest foods come out tender and flavourful.

Explore Panasonic’s range of Cubie Steam Ovens, engineered to make low fat meal preparation simpler, featuring user-friendly interfaces and versatile cooking settings.

Auto Cook Programmes

Auto Cook Programmes simplify the cooking process tremendously. By selecting a specific programme, the oven automatically adjusts the cooking temperature, mode, and time according to the dish. This means you don't have to guess or experiment to find the right cooking parameters. Such features are particularly beneficial for busy individuals or those who value efficiency in their meal prep routine, allowing them to focus on other tasks while ensuring consistent culinary results every time.

The Panasonic 31L Steam Convection Cubie Oven NU-SC280 is a powerhouse appliance designed for the enthusiastic home chef. With a generous 31-litre capacity, this oven is perfectly suited for hosting gatherings and preparing multiple dishes simultaneously. It shines with its impressive array of over 70 pre-programmed automatic menus. Whether you're looking to bake, roast, steam, or a combination of these, the oven's presets make it incredibly easy. 

Steam On Two Levels

Experience the convenience and efficiency of dual-level steam cooking with the powerful Multifunctional Steam Oven NN-CS89L. This innovative feature allows you to cook fish and vegetables simultaneously on two separate levels, making meal preparation quicker and more versatile. Equipped with a 1300 W steam function powered by an 800 ml integrated water tank, this oven efficiently distributes pure steam via dual outlets. This method not only speeds up the cooking process but also ensures that every dish retains its nutritious qualities and delicious flavors, all while you manage your kitchen time more effectively.

After-Cooking Care and Advanced Tips

Proper after-cooking care can significantly enhance the quality and enjoyment of your meals. Here are some expert tips on how to treat your dishes once they're out of the steamer to ensure maximum flavour and freshness:

Resting meat: Always let your steamed meats rest before slicing to redistribute the juices. This simple step is the secret to tender, melt-in-your-mouth textures.
Refreshing vegetables: Revive your veggies with a quick dip in ice water post-steaming if they aren’t served immediately. This trick keeps them vibrant and crisp.
Infusing flavours: Elevate your steam cooking by adding aromatics to the water reservoir. Try lemon slices or sprigs of rosemary for a subtle, infused taste that enhances your main ingredients.
Reheating leftovers: Revitalise leftovers with the steam function. This method breathes new life into yesterday's meals, ensuring they remain just as moist and tasty as when they were first cooked.

Read Panasonic’s user tips and guides for microwave and convection ovens to get the most out of your appliances.

Start Your Cooking Adventures With Panasonic

Embrace the innovative, healthful, and flavour-packed world of steam cooking with your Panasonic oven. This method is not only a bridge to everyday healthy eating but also a path to culinary creativity. Explore, experiment, and enjoy the limitless possibilities of steam cooking, creating low fat dishes that are bound to impress with every steamy, delicious bite. Discover Panasonic’s other kitchen appliances made for healthy eating, from slow cookers to juicers.

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