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Emulates the traditional Japanese method of cooking rice

With Panasonic IH rice cooker,you just have to experience the difference.



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A fuss-free variation to delicious begins with Panasonic micro-computerize rice cooker

Induction Heating System
The magnetic coil causes the inner pan heat up to high temperature.When pressing the switch,electric currents flow through the coil of the rice cooker main unit and the magnetic force is activated. Magnetic forces generate abundant heat in the inner pan which leads to evenly cooked and delicious rice.
*Only SR-JHF18

*Please consult a doctor if you are using an implanted pacemaker.

Pan itself becomes heating source and generate high temperature to the food from different directions.

Fuzzy Logic (Micro-computerized) Technology

With the Fuzzy Logic, cooking temperature is controlled and adjusted according to the amount of rice and water.

Automatically cook various menu with micro-computer

Diamond fluorine coated,charcoal(binchotan)-finished pan

Using a hundred million(0.05 carat)diamnd fluorine minute particle in the inner pan.Convection genetates by a large number of bubbles which enable heat transmission to every single grain to cook rice evenly.With Binchotan,it breaks up the cluster and water is penetrated to the wick of rice.Water become mild and each rich absorbs water well that makes it fluffier.This also slows down evaporation of moisture,thus,prevents rice from drying at keep warm mode.
*Only SR-JHF18 and SR-MG182/MG102


Large bubbles generate lesser circulation at heat during cooking which results in unevenly cooked rice.


Finer and more vigorous bubble a generated during the cooking process.Rice is evenly cooked,which will be fluffier and more delicious.

Charcoal-finished inner pan with all dimpled surface

The surface of the inner pan is coated with carbon particles to ensure each grain of rice absorbs the right amount of cooking fluid,resulting in fluffier and more delicious rice.
*All dimpled surface:Only SR-JHF18 and SR-MG182/MG102
*Charcoal-finished inner pan:Only SR-JHF18 and SR-MG182/MG102,SR-MS183/MS103




Thermo Sensor

Detects temperature insie pan with electronic parts.Micro-computer controls the heater watt for different menu. With the thermo sensor,the rice is heated without over-boiling for tasty results.

Taste Catcher

Taste catcher senses steam temperature in the inner pan and retain high temperature resulting in fluffier and more delicious rice.
*Only SR-JHF18

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