Technology Philosophy

Challenges for Innovation in the Photographic Culture

The LUMIX brand came into being in 2001, and it was the last entrant to the digital camera industry. Proclaiming “Changing Photography” as the brand philosophy, LUMIX has been aggressively creating world’s first technologies and introducing innovative products one after another.

After the development of high-performance lenses under the license of Leica Camera AG, LUMIX explored the world of photography with pioneering technologies such as the optical/image-sensor-drive camera shake correction functions, the Dual I.S.(Image Stabilizer) high-accuracy camera shake correction function which optimally combined those two, the Intelligent Auto (iA) which determines the type of scene and allows for optimal photoshooting, the image recognition AI technology, the Contrast AF/DFD(Depth From Defocus) technology which achieve high-speed focusing, high-quality 4K video recording technology, and the world’s first mirrorless single-lens reflex camera, thus enhancing the photography culture.

The widespread use of the Internet and social media in society has led to the further expansion of the world of photography and videography.  Consequently, a greater number of people now take pictures and view photos, seek new expressions, and post pictures on the Web for the world to see. Against this backdrop, LUMIX pursues new photographic expressivity and continues developing innovative technologies to take the photographic culture to a new stage.


Pursuing the Highest Possible Quality
to Reflect the Photographer’s Sensitivity and Emotion in the Image

Technology Philosophy

We are committed to the picture and image quality. To design the expressive power, image resolution, bokeh effect and others, we analyze and verify not only numeric data but also nuances. We set criteria and target values and then achieve optimal designs through iterant examination and simulation. Our optical engineering endeavors extend beyond reducing ghost and flare and include the domain of sensitivity, such as spatial frequency analysis for expressing ambience and coating technology for richer color reproduction.

For lens products, we spare no effort in implementing a thorough quality control system and ensuring superb craftsmanship not only for lens per se but also lens barrels and assembling. By establishing original stringent standards for each process and using high-precision measuring instruments for objective numeric evaluations, we strive to achieve stable, high quality. Each and every part is carefully checked by the human eye, and parts are meticulously assembled to ensure high quality of finish.


All Technologies Are Developed for New Expression

Technology is a means to realizing expressions that appeal to emotion. To enable capturing of scenes at crucial moments and achieve expressions not possible before, to fulfill the creative urges of photographers, and to let photographers seek expressions that impress the eyes of viewers, LUMIX energetically addresses the development of new technologies.

LUMIX not only improves the basic performance and functions, such as response, the speed and accuracy of focus and camera shake correction, and the image recognition function utilizing AI and Deep Learning, but also strives to develop new and innovative technologies in order to take photographic expressiveness to new levels, such as the 3D noise reduction technology for enabling high-res shooting and low-light shooting, technologies for the improvement of resolution and image quality of HDR still images with a greater dynamic range, and new image generation technologies utilizing 4K/6K PHOTO and other moving picture technologies.

For video recording, LUMIX expands the scope of expression by offering a higher resolution and frame rate, such as HDR video with an expanded dynamic range and 4K60P, in an effort to respond to the needs of videographers.

To realize our picture-making philosophy “Capturing It All,” we continuously advance the Venus engine. By drawing on our accumulated knowhow and the advanced computation processing that support the color reproduction engineering got delicate control of brightness, hue and saturation, highlight/shadow processing and details reproduction, we continuously develop new technologies with the aim of rendering the subjects more vividly and beautifully.


Making Any Scene a Picture-taking Opportunity

We allow no compromise in equipment reliability, either
To expand the photographic expressivity, it is necessary to broaden the ranges of scenes and places for photography.
There are many great opportunities to take pictures even under harsh conditions such as under the blazing sun, in pouring rain and in frigid regions. So, it is vital that photographers can keep taking pictures even in such situations.

This requires excellent weather resistance (resistance to dust, water drops, high temperatures, low temperatures, etc.) for use under any environmental conditions, robustness that allows uninterrupted shooting, impact resistance, high durability and superb heat dispersion for stable operation in many hours of shooting, just to mention a few. We conduct simulation, provide feedback, produce prototypes repeatedly in order to enhance the precision of the design and parts. Our thorough quality control contributes to the high reliability of our products.

Technologies developed, improved and incorporated in LUMIX cameras and lenses are all for those who use cameras to capture expressive images. We face the desires of creators seeking new expressions, and fastidiously manufacture premium products.


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