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Enhance Your Lifestyle with Harmonious Design

Enhance Your Lifestyle with Harmonious Design

Enhance Your Lifestyle with Harmonious Design

The refined design of the new PRIME+ Edition series elevates the beauty as well as usability. These refrigerators bring more comfort and convenience.

Luxurious and Meticulous

1 3-way wine rack

You can stably store and easily see all of your favourite wines, whether the rack is hung or laid flat on a shelf.

3-way wine rack

2 Movable 1-2 trays

Three separate shelves slide so that you can change the height to effectively use the space.

Movable 1-2 trays

3 Movable door pocket

The door pocket slides freely to five different heights to store even tall bottles.

Movable door pocket

4 Flexible divided ice box + ice scoop

The spacious ice case has a divider to expand frozen storage space when ice is low.

Flexible divided ice box + ice scoop


The handle shape inspired by furniture design offers an inviting appearance that makes you want to touch it. The Japanese craftsmanship also achieves a delicate design placing importance on preciseness.

Clean & Clarity

Clean & Clarity

All shelves are transparent and clear to let the food play the leading role. By increasing the visibility of the ingredients, the food is easy to see, organise, and take out.

No Defrosting for Easy Cooking

Panasonic's proven cooling technology keeps each compartment the right environment for the food. Even food purchased in bulk stays fresh and naturally tasty for longer. You can even save time by cooking food taken right from Prime Fresh to pan because the food is not completely frozen!


Prime Freeze 5X Faster Freezing | Fridge

Prime Freeze keeps your meats, vegetables, and fruits fresh for longer while ensuring that flavours, textures, and colours remain unchanged.

Prime Fresh -3°C | Fridge

Prime Fresh freezes meat and fish lightly at approximately -3°C, thereby retaining freshness for about 7 days*¹ without the need to defrost.

nanoe™ X | Fridge

Ag Clean prevents mould and bacteria growth so you can prepare meals with only the freshest ingredients possible.

Fresh Safe 90% Humidity | Fridge

Fresh Safe is an airtight storage space with gaskets that prevent cold air from having direct contact with produce.

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