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TV Anytime/ TV Anywhere How To Use (TOP PAGE)


Watch and reserve TV programmes with a smartphone or tablet when away from home.

TV Anywhere/TV Anytime with the Panasonic Media Center App

Using the TV Anywhere/TV Anytime function on a Panasonic TV or recorder lets you watch live or recorded TV programmes on your smartphone or tablet while you’re away from home. In addition to watching, you can also set timer recordings for TV programmes from outside the house. Simply install the Panasonic Media Center App in your smartphone or tablet for convenient, easy operation of the TV Anywhere/TV Anytime function, and watch the content you want anywhere you please -- indoors or out.


Media Center App

It lets you enjoy the Panasonic TV / Recorder
“TV Anywhere/TV Anytime” function with your smart devices.


Download the Panasonic Media Center App to enjoy TV Anywhere/TV Anytime

                For Android

       For iOS


Enjoy Live TV from the Outdoors

Watch Recordings from the Outdoors

Record TV Programmes from the

Set up TV

Set up the recorder

Preparation for Panasonic
Media Center App


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