Digital AV


Q1. The Movie Camera power cannot be turned on. What could be wrong?

The power source was not connected correctly.

Q2. Why does the Movie Camera power turn off automatically?

If you leave the Movie Camera in Recording Pause Mode for more that 6 minutes, the power turns off automatically to protect the tape and save the battery power.

Q3. The Movie Camera does not seem to stay on for long. Why is this so?

The battery power is low. Change the battery or attach a fully charged battery.

Q4. Why is it that the recording does not start although power is supplied to the Movie Camera and the Cassette is inserted correctly?

The accidental erasure prevention slider on the Cassette is open. Set it to [Save].

Q5. Why is it that the Movie Camera cannot record the "Date & Time"?

The Lithium battery (button battery) may be exhausted. Replace the Li-Battery with a new one. (Li-Batteries can be bought at Mass Merchandisers such as Best Denki, Harvey Norman, SAFE Superstore etc.)

Q6. The Auto Focus function does not work. What should I do?

The Manual Focus function has been selected. Switch it back to Auto Focus.
There are some recording subjects and recording surroundings for which the Auto Focus function does not operate correctly. In this instance, use the Manual Focus to adjust the focus.

Q7. While playing back the tape recorded by the Movie Camera, the recorded picture sometimes looks brownish or reddish. Why is this so?

"Colour Temperature" (also called "White-Balance") cannot be detected precisely by the Movie Camera. Please set the White-Balance manually. (Colour temperature of the picture has exceeded the detectable range of the Movie Camera.) Refer to the Operating Instruction Manual of Move Camera on how to set the White-Balance manually.

Q8. Why is it that auto dubbing cannot be performed?

The accidental erasure prevention slider on the Cassette is open. Set it to [Save].
There was an attempt to edit a tape portion that was recorded on LP mode. LP mode does not allow audio dubbing to operate.

Care For Your Product

To avoid any malfunctions of the unit and to protect against electric shocks, fire or personal injuries, please observe the following:

Hold the plug firmly when connecting or disconnecting the AC power cord.
Place the AC cord away from any heat generating appliances. Never put any heavy object on the AC power cord.
Do not attempt to repair or reconstruct the AC power cord in any way.
Keep the unit away from any liquid. If water or other liquid is spilled on/into the unit, corrosion (which would eventually lead to malfunction), electric shock or fire may possibly occur.
Do not remove the outer panel of any appliance. Touching any internal part of the unit is dangerous.
Do not put any foreign object on the disc tray. Never allow children to place anything in the disc tray of any disc player.
Do not aim the lens directly at the sun. This could cause damage to the internal components of the movie camera.
Do not subject the set to strong vibrations or mechanical shocks.
Do not insert or remove the cassette tapes in dusty places.
Try not to use it with the cassette compartment facing down. This could cause uneven winding of the tape.