Digital AV

DVD Recorder

Q1. What is a DVD Recorder?

A DVD Recorder is a device that records high-quality digital images and sound onto a DVD disc, such as a DVD-RAM or DVD-R disc. DVD Recorders use the many advantages of disc media to give you easy recording and playback plus a number of exciting functions.

Q2. How is it different from a VCR?

DVD Recorders feature random access, so you never have to fast-forward or rewind the way you do with a video tape. Editing is easy. And since DVD Recorders are digital, they can connect with digital video and digital still cameras, and other digital equipment, letting you enjoy much more than just simple recording.

Q3. Can I record any TV channel I want?

Yes. You can tune the local Free-to-air channels using the in-built tuner and start recording your desired channels while watching another Free-to-air channels. This means that you can record Channel 8 programme while watching Channel 5 programme using the TV tuner simultaneously.

Q4. Can I record a TV program even if I don't have a blank disc at hand?

If your DVD recorder has a hard disk, then you can record for hours without a disc.

Q5. What is a hard disk?

The hard disk on a DVD Recorder is just like the hard disk on your PC. It stores data. It has a large capacity, it reads and writes data quickly, and it can rewrite again and again.

Q6. Can I record from old video tapes?

Yes. You can record material from a video tape or other external source onto a DVD disc or the hard disk. Thanks to Panasonic's Input TBC and other digital image enhancement functions, the recording will have even better quality than the original. You can watch your favorite recordings years from now and the picture quality will still be outstanding.

Q7. What do "Format" and "Finalize" mean?

“Format” means to erase everything on a disc and restore it to a blank condition. Note that, with some equipment, you have to format new discs before you can use them.
“Finalize” is the process that finishes a DVD-R recording, so you can play it on others players.

Q8. Why won't my DVD that I have recorded play on other DVD Players?

The most likely cause is that the disc has not been Finalised!

Finalising a disc enables the disc to be played on any other compatible machine. By doing this it changes the disc format so that you can no longer record to it turning it into aPlay Only disc. On your Panasonic DVD Recorder you can record to many (if not all depending on the model) of the following DVD Disc formats to the limit of their capacity over multiple occasions. The disc in question can be played back and recorded to on the DVD Recorder during this time but until it is finalised it will not work on any other machine.


How do I Finalise my disc?

When you have finished the initial recording stop the disc and press the~FUNCTIONS~ button.
Using the ~UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT arrows~ on the keypad select "To Others" and press ~ENTER~.
Using the ~UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT arrows~ on the keypad Scroll down to "DISC MANAGEMENT" and press ~ENTER~.
When the disc management screen opens you need to use the ~UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT arrows~ on the keypad to scroll down to "FINALIZE" and press ~ENTER~.
Using the ~UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT arrows~ on the keypad select "YES" and press ~ENTER~.
Using the ~UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT arrows~ on the keypad select "START" to begin finalizing the disc, please note by pressing start here you will no longer be able to record or edit the disc being finalized.
Finalizing may take up to 15 minutes.

Do not disconnect the mains power in this time. A message appears when finalizing is finished, press the enter button when this appears. It will now play on other compatible machines.

Q9. How can I remove advertisements recorded together with my favorite programme?

You can easily do a partial erase of the advertisements in between your favorite programme recorded on DVD-RAM or HDD(hard disk).

Q10. How many hours can I record on a single disc?

You can record a maximum of 16 hours of recording time [9.4GB Double sided DVD-RAM in EP mode]