the Basics of Blow Dry


1. Preparation: wipe wet hair gently with a towel.

Switch on the dryer
Select the intensity of the airflow with the main switch.

2. Blow-dry the roots to dry your scalp.

To dry hair faster, lift it up with your fingertips while drying. Thoroughly drying your scalp helps prevent odours and stickiness.

*Be sure to hold it at least 3 cm to an optimum distance of 10 cm from hair.

3. To add volume, dry the roots while lifting hair up

Blow-dry from the roots to the ends while smoothing hair with your fingers.
Blow-dry the back section in the same way.

4. Blow-dry long side hair from the inner side

Constantly moving the dryer enables fast, even drying without burning.
To smoothes cuticle layers, blow-dry from the roots for smooth, shiny,healthy hair.

5. Switch to cold mode, and apply cold air for glossy finish

Lastly, finish with a brief blast of cool air. This cooling tightens the cuticle to give your hair even more luster.

6. Finish

Now your hair has a deep, natural gloss and brilliance.


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