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MULTISHAPE - Modular Personal Care System

MULTISHAPE - Modular Personal Care System

MULTISHAPE - Modular Personal Care System

Outer Wellbeing

Panasonic’s vision of OUTER WELLBEING is to focus on caring for your physical health. Our experiences contribute to better physical health; your body condition, hair, skin and teeth.

The Wellbeing Value “YOUR BODY WELL BALANCED” represents the aim to keep the physical and mental balance through the right type of preventative body & personal care for ourselves to stay independent and motivated.

On the other hand we value “YOUR TRUE CONFIDENCE”. Feel the benefit of self care routines that amplify our natural beauty to grow confidence of your true self.

Outer Wellbeing

One product, unlimited possibilities

Panasonic MULTISHAPE brings you unlimited possibilities in one device. Pick and choose the modules that suit your style and build daily routines that care for your unique grooming needs. With Panasonic you can feel great and be confidently yourself, on every occasion.

One product, unlimited possibilities
MULTISHAPE - Modular Personal Care System

1 1. Japanese Blade Technology

Panasonic’s sharpest blades yet are used for our MULTISHAPE system.
The durable Japanese stainless-steel blades are designed to provide years of gentle shaves.

1. Japanese Blade Technology

2 2. Waterproof Design

With a firm grip for shower use, the MULTISHAPE is designed to perform perfectly under running water, with a waterproof design for an easy clean.

2. Waterproof Design

3 3. 3-Blade Shaver

Individual sharp and durable Japanese stainless steel floating blades sit perfectly against your skin for a smooth shave.

4 4. Beard/Hair/Body Trimmer

Give your look flexibility with 58 precise length settings, adjustable in 0.5mm steps. The trimmer comes with four comb attachments, 1-10mm, 11-20mm, 21-30mm and one for the body.

5 5. Beard/Hair Trimmer

With sharp and durable Japanese stainless steel blades, 39 precise length settings in 0.5mm intervals and 2 comb attachments, 1-10mm and 11-20mm you can perfect the most precise trims.

6 6. Nose/Ear/Facial Trimmer

Featuring advanced double-edged stainless steel cutting blades, it gives you effective trimming without any pulling.

7 7. Sonic Vibration Toothbrush

Sonic Vibration technology for efficient deep cleaning.
Equipped with two types of brushes – multi-fit and exra-fine bristle brush. Both come with a protective cap for hygienic storage.

Where you go, it goes.

Where you go, it goes.
Perfect for travel, the MULTISHAPE is a single device that provides all the functions you need, for wherever you’re heading. A compact design and detachable heads makes packing effortless. The toothbrush attachment comes with a protective cap to keep the brush head clean.

Less waste. More style.

Less waste. More style.
Sustainability is at the heart of the MULTISHAPE system – you only choose the attachments for your individual style. So there’s less waste created because there are no needless attachments. And if your look evolves, you can always add to your system in the future.

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