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Robotic Mobility Solutions

Robotic Mobility Solutions

Aiming to deliver its promise to help achieve "a better life, a better world", Panasonic continuously develops products and solutions with the objective of making people's lives safer and more comfortable. Our robotic mobility solutions were developed to solve social issues such as aging societies and labor shortage, in addition to the rising demand for non-face-to-face services because of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing services for the "new normal".

Autonomous Mobility Robots

Autonomous Mobility Robots
Autonomous Mobility Robots

Panasonic's autonomous mobility robot HOSPI offers security and comfort in many aspects of our lives. Since its launch in 2013, unique autonomous delivery robot HOSPI has been playing an active role in hospitals in Japan and overseas to help delivering medicine and medical samples. This has been boosted with expansion in its applications from providing medical support to delivering beverages and serving as a mobile signage.

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HOSPI models:

• Medicine & Medical Sample Delivery HOSPI (Download Leaflet)
• Mobile Signage HOSPI (Download Leaflet)
• Beverage Delivery HOSPI

Powered Wear

ATOUN MODEL Y Powered Wear

ATOUN Model Y is a wearable robot that alleviates burden to the waist when lifting heavy objects, through powerful motors as well as sensors that detect the movements of the waist. Without the need to deal with troublesome preparations such as attaching sensors, you can simply wear ATOUN MODEL Y like a backpack and turn on the switch. From there, it supports your waist by moving in harmony with you.

ATOUN Model Y is designed to reduce work-induced burdens from the backs of workers and improve work efficiency for various kinds of work such as luggage handling at airports, transferring items from trucks or pallets at warehouses, and transporting heavy objects such as steel materials at construction sites.

Try ATOUN MODEL Y at GITEX Technology Week 2020.

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