Photo of In-Ear Headphones RP-HJX5

In-Ear Headphones RP-HJX5

FEATURE Driver Unit (diameter in mm) 12
Magnet Type (Nd:Neodymium / Fe:Ferrite) Nd
Impedance (Ohm) / 1 kHz 16
Sensitivity (dB / mW) 103
Max. Input (mW) 100 (*IEC)
Frequency Response (Hz - kHz) 5Hz - 25 kHz
Cord Length (m / ft.) 1.2 / 3.9
Weight (g) without cord 6 (0.2oz)
MiniPlug (3.5mm in diam.) yes
Plug (Ni:Nickel / G:Gold) G
Supplied Item Pouch, Ear piece (S/M/L)
NOTE *IEC:International Electrotechnical Commission
NOTE ・Specifications are subject to change without notice.