Photo of MicroSD Card Standard micro (SMFB)

MicroSD Card Standard micro (SMFB)

Features Card Type microSD
Series Standard micro (SMFB)
Model No. RP-SMFB32(16/08/04)GAK
Memory Capacity (GB) 32/16/8/4
SD Specification SDHC
Up to speed Read (MB/s) 10
Speed class Speed class 4
Flash Memory -
Smart guard Error -
Data Damage -
Power Failure -
Proof7 Y
microSD Adapter Y
Still Images (JPEG)     Aspect ratio 4:3 RAW 4,608 x 3,456 pixels (16M) 16GB:810/ 8GB:400/ 4GB:195
High/L 4,320 x 3,240 pixels (14M) 32GB:7,280/ 16GB:3,630/ 8GB:1,800/ 4GB:880
Normal/S 2,048 x 1,536 pixels (3M) 32GB:21,540/ 16GB:10,740/ 8GB:5,330/ 4GB:2,620
Motion Image (Full-HD)     Aspect ratio 16:9 AVCHD FHD (DSC) 30 fms/s, HA mode, 1,920 x 1,080i (17 Mbps) 32GB:4h11min / 16GB:2h3min / 8GB:1h / 4GB:28min
MP4 (DSC) 30 fms/s 32GB:3h21min / 16GB:1h40min / 8GB:48min / 4GB:23min
MOV (DSC) 60 fms/s 32GB:1h24min / 16GB:41min / 8GB:20min / 4GB:9min
Note *Recording time and the number of images may vary depending on the particular device. Numbers are approximate.
Note *SD, SDHC, SDXC, and microSD Card utilize a portion of the memory for copy protection and other purposes. Therefore usable capacity will be less than the viewing capacity. (1GB means 1,073,741,824 bytes)
Note *Design, functions and specifications are subject to change without notice.