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CD Micro System SC-PMX100BGN

Price (RRP)$ 899.00


Classic Design, Futuristic Technology

Faithfully reproduces high-res sound with
 the New LincsD-Amp, 3-Way Speaker
with Super Sonic Tweeter, and USB-DAC. Also supports the new Qualcomm® AllPlay™ for multi-room playback of CD, radio and online music services.



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Experience Music As The Artist Intended

By combining high quality components with custom-made software, the SC-PMX100 recreates audio in the truest way possible. The Super Sonic Tweeter accurately reproduces up to 100kHz ultra high frequencies – typically found in high-resolution formats. The SC-PMX100 also features an improved signal noise algorithm for crisp, clear audio reproduction – even at low volumes.

True Hi-Fi Technologies

Panasonic Digital Amp Solution

Reduces distortions and increases clarity by correcting jitter and eliminating noise.

3-Way Speaker

Combines a Super Sonic Tweeter and an Opal Woofer made from bamboo to deliver an exceptionally wide frequency range.

High-Resolution Audio

Supports playback via USB or DLNA of a variety of high-resolution audio formats.

High-Quality Audio Parts

Uses only premium components to ensure a crisper, clearer sound with an exceptionally powerful presence.

Rediscover Your High-Res Music

The SC-PMX100B supports a wide range of rich sound formats. You can stream lossless FLAC files via DLNA, and play high-res files with the USB DAC port. The DAC controller then accurately reproduces high-resolution audio signals.

Rich Sound from High-Res Sources

Introducing the USB DAC

The PMX100 uses a unique DAC controller and USB driver system to ensure you get to hear all the detail and richness of today’s high-resolution audio formats.

Simple Control, Easy Setup, Multi-Room Solution

ALL Connected Audio

Thanks to the PMX100, enjoying your favourite music all over your house has never been easier. You can stream between rooms from almost any source, including CDs, radio and online music, while WPS compatibility means you can set up your in-home speaker network at the push of a button.

*The availability of subscription services and Internet radio may vary by country.


CD Micro System SC-PMX100BGN
Premium Hi-Fi Sound
Panasonic Digital Amp Solution
ALL Connected Audio
Multi-room with Qualcomm® AllPlay™
High Grade Design
Aluminum Top and Front Panel

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