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High Performance Rechargeable AA & AAA Batteries

The planet wants you to buy eneloop because…

The Sustainable High Performance Rechargeable Battery

eneloop (Energy Looped) is the sustainable alternative to conventional batteries.

eneloop rechargeable batteries are ready-to-use, pre-charged in the factory utilising solar power. Not only are they kind to the environment by reducing landfill*1 waste from single-use batteries, because they’re reusable they’re kind to your purse or wallet too.

eneloop rechargeable batteries come in AA and AAA size, and are able to be recharged 100’s of times each. With two variations available, the standard eneloop Ni-MH rechargeable battery (AA - up to 2000mAh) is perfect for everyday use, and the eneloop Pro (AA - up to 2550mAh) is the best option for high-drain devices.

With an amazing shelf-life, eneloop batteries are able to retain up to approx. 70% charge*2 after 10 years of storage.

Read on to learn more about why ready-to-use eneloop are one of the best-loved global battery brands.

Why Choose Rechargeable over Single-use Alkaline Batteries?

Take a fresh look at rechargeable eneloop, one of the world's leading alternatives to conventional dry cell batteries. Eneloop offers similarly high performance and long life, but can be reused 100’s of times1. And thanks to extremely low self-discharge capabilities, pre-charged eneloop can be used immediately or stored for up to ten years while retaining up to 70%2 capacity. As well as delivering convenience, economy, and high voltage performance, eneloop is good for the environment. So if saving money, time, and nature's ecology sounds good, make the change to a sustainable lifestyle.

Benefits of both technologies

Ready-to-use eneloop combines the best aspects of dry cell and rechargeable Ni-MH technology. They're convenient, durable, and storable for long periods, yet can be reused again and again.


Recharge 100’s of times

Your initial investment is quickly recovered, with eneloop impressively returning 100’s of recharges over an average lifespan. Depending on usage, this could equal years of trouble-free service.


Ready to use after ten years in storage

Even after ten years in storage, eneloop retains up to 70%2 of its original charge. This makes eneloop ideal for use in portable radios, remote controllers, and torches stored for emergencies.


The Green Certification System and eneloop

As part of our participation in the Green Certificate System, eneloop batteries are charged with solar-generated power prior to sale*³, helping in our aim of creating a Clean Energy Loop.


eneloop Rechargeable AA & AAA Batteries

The standard range of eneloop rechargeable batteries are perfect for everyday use in a wide ranges of devices. They can be recharged hundreds of times and have an exceptional shelf-life when not in use, able to retain approx. 70% of their charge*2 after 10 years of storage.



eneloop Pro Rechargeable AA & AAA Batteries

eneloop Pro rechargeable batteries are perfect for use in high drain devices. They can be recharged hundreds of times and feature an impressive power rating of up to 2550mAh (AA). eneloop Pro also offer an excellent shelf-life, able to retain approx. 85% of their charge*2 after 1 year of storage.

Eneloop Pro

To view the eneloop Rechargeable Battery information & comparison chart, click here.

Leading energy solutions for the future

More than 170 billion dry batteries (also known as alkaline) sold in 120 countries. Projected sales of 200 billion units by 2018. With eneloop you’ll reduce waste with every charge.


eneloop Rechargeable Battery Chargers

Basic Charger
Smart & Quick Charger

To view the eneloop Charger information & comparison chart, click here.

One of the Best-loved Global Battery Brands

Used all Over the World

Used all Over the World

Our rechargeable battery technology has matured very rapidly, and more people are making the change to eneloop on the recommendation of family and friends. The long life, high power, and value for money has seen eneloop gain even more ground, with Panasonic shipping over 300 million cells to more than 60 countries to date. That's a big win for the environment as well as your pocket.

95%+ Customer Satisfaction

95%+ Customer Satisfaction

According to a recently conducted in-house survey of our users, eneloop attracted higher than 95% customer satisfaction-testament to Panasonic's superior design and stringent process controls. Users commented on the reliability, consistency of quality, and long endurance they experienced when using eneloop in a variety of appliances.

A critical and commercial success

A critical and commercial success

Rechargeable eneloop's functionality and ease of use has attracted accolades from the world's leading design organisations ever since its debut in 2005. Rechargeable eneloop has been honoured by such prestigious institutions as the Good Design Awards of Japan, the Japan Package Design Awards, and iF of Germany, along with recognition from the Australia International Design Awards, the IDEA Design Awards (USA), and the Asia Design Awards.


1. Battery life based on testing method established by IEC61951-2 ( Varies according to conditions of use.

2. Capacity retention based on testing method established by IEC61951-2 (7.3.2) when stored at 20°C (based on Panasonic's estimation). Varies according to conditions of use and compared with minimum capacity.

3. Through the green power certification system