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5-cup Rice Cooker SR-DF101WST

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Easy One-touch Operation Rice Cooker

The SR-DF101 5-cup Rice Cooker provides easy one-touch operation with four pre-programmed options. It features advanced Fuzzy Logic technology to ensure optimum cooking every time, as well as a five hour keep warm function.
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Quinoa & Cucumber Salad

Did you know quinoa is high in iron and magnesium and generally considered healthier than brown rice? Give this Quinoa Salad recipe from Chef Shellie Froidevaux a try as a quick and healthy lunchtime option. Using the Panasonic SR-DF101WST Automatic Rice Cooker to make the quinoa saves time and ensures perfectly fluffy results.

Simple & Easy to Use

Operate with ease! The SR-DF101 features large one-touch control buttons for the four menu options allowing you to quickly and easily cook perfectly steamed white and brown rice, porridge and soup or you can steam items like dumplings using the included steam basket.

Walk away and let it do the cooking. Using a micro-computer and fuzzy logic technology, this simple rice cooker is able to automatically adjust power for more precise and consistent results.

When cooking is complete the SR-DF101 automatically switches to Keep Warm Mode and the rice is maintained at the perfect temperature.
Simple & Easy to Use

4 Easy Menu Options

Quick Cook/Steam

Fancy steaming some dumplings, gyoza or vegetables? This task is a breeze with the Quick Cook/Steam menu option at your fingertips and the included steaming basket.
Quick Cook/Steam

White & Brown Rice

Use the white and brown rice menu options to cook your preferred rice to the perfect texture, hands free.
White & Brown Rice

Porridge or Soup

The SR-DF101 can cook porridge and soup too. Simply add your ingredients, select the pre-set menu option and away you go!
Porridge or Soup

Easy to Use, Clean and Store

The SR-DF101 Rice Cooker boasts a lightweight, compact design with a removable inner pan and non-stick surfaces for easy cleaning. The power cord can be removed for tidy storage and included with the cooker is a handy rice scoop, measuring cup and steam basket.
Easy to Use, Clean and Store

Delicious Recipes at The Ideas Kitchen

Quality kitchen appliances are nothing without great recipes. Delicious and easy to prepare, The Ideas Kitchen will bring out your inner chef, with delectable recipes to help you make the most of your Panasonic Bread Maker, Rice Cooker, Microwave, or other. Enjoy browsing, cooking and, most importantly, eating
Delicious Recipes at The Ideas Kitchen


Photo of 5-cup Rice Cooker SR-DF101WST

One-touch easy operation with four categories

Keep warm for up to five hours

Advanced Fuzzy Logic technology


  • Colour

    • White
  • Pre-programmed Cooking Options

    • 4
  • Cooking Pan Coating

    • Black Fluorine Coated
  • Non-stick Inner Pan

    • Yes
  • Preset Timer (hours)

    • -
  • Keep Warm Feature (hours)

    • 5
  • Multi Cooking Options - Cake, Porridge, Soup, Steam

    • Yes
  • Rice Cooking Options - White Rice, Quick Cook, Brown Rice, Sticky Rice

    • Yes
  • Easy Clean

    • -


  • Dimensions - W x D x H (mm)

    • 245 x 339 x 199
  • Weight (kg)

    • 2.5
  • Power Consumption (W)

    • 750
      Keep Warm Mode: 24


  • Standard

    • Measuring Cup
      Steam Basket



Photo of 5-cup Rice Cooker SR-DF101WST

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