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LUMIX GH4 SPECIAL GALLERY Bence Máté - Ice Cold Wings


LUMIX GH4 SPECIAL GALLERY Bence Máté - Ice Cold Wings



Bence Máté won the international competition ‘BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ at the youngest ever age in its history. Now he works as a freelance action-photographer running wildlife photo tours.


The photos were taken in Hungary, in the Kiskunság National Park, from a special underwater hide. His goal was to take pictures reflecting winter atmosphere, so he spent 20 days in the hide to wait for the snow to come in 9 years.


“The Panasonic LUMIX GH4 can be used in a multifunctional way by both videographers and photographers. Its lens lineup covering 7-300mm (35mm camera equiv. 14-600mm) enables us a wide range of utilization. As a photographer I found it extremely exciting that he was able to take moving shots of unbelievably good resolution. I also prefer the Custom Multi AF in GH4.”