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3-in-1 Hybrid Rechargeable Shaver ES-LL41

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Close Shave, Effortless Designer Trim

Our hybrid shaver lets you trim, shave and groom perfect beard and moustache lines, all with a single unit. State-of-the-art technologies offer exceptional cutting performance, while being gentle to the skin.
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Dual-edge Blade Hypo-Allergenic Stainless Steel Blades

The dual-edge blade cuts hairs which enter the trimmer not only from the sides, but also from the top. Perfect for trimming individual stray hairs or fine detailing.
Curved, hypo-allergenic stainless steel blades are used that leave the proper amount of hairs for natural filtering.
Dual-edge Blade Hypo-Allergenic Stainless Steel Blades

7-step length setting

Using the two comb attachments lets you trim your beard to a length of 1, 2, 3 mm (A) or 5, 6, 7 mm (B), or you can use the trimmer as it is to cut to a length of 0.5 mm for a total of 7-step length setting. Just slide the switch to change the trimming length.
7-step length setting

Direct Linear Motor Drive

The linear motor ensures that there is no loss of power and no stray hairs are missed, even when shaving heavy beards, delivering a smooth, clean shave at approximately 13,000 cycles per minute.
Direct Linear Motor Drive

45˚ Pop-up Trimmer

A convenient pop-up trimmer is integrated for grooming sideburn edges, making precise lines and trimming long stray hairs that have been missed on the neck and cheeks. Durable stainless steel blades featuring an acute 45° edge assure fast, comfortable trimming.
45˚ Pop-up Trimmer

Shave, Trim & Groom Designer Lines

This 3-in-1 hybrid shaver does everything from trimming your beard to a uniform length to styling your facial hair, without the need for various other grooming tools.
Shave, Trim & Groom Designer Lines

Easy Beard Styling

The trimmer blades let you cut your beard to short stubble and shape your moustache for easy styling. What’s more, the shaver enables gentle shaving on your cheeks and neck, so there’s no need to go to the barber or use lots of different grooming tools.
Easy Beard Styling

3-Blade cutting system

Whatever type of beard you have, the 3-blade system consisting of super-sharp and durable, high-quality Japanese blades thoroughly cuts hair. Three foils capture and cut hair for a close, smooth shave. Acute angle inner blades, honed to nano level precision, cleanly cut even tough beards.

1. Slit Blades
A slit structure easily catches long hairs that are difficult for other blades to catch and cuts them to the ideal shortness for shaving.
2. Outer Foils
The outer foils capture and cut even stubborn whiskers for a close shave.
3-Blade cutting system

30˚ Nano-polished Blades

Inner blades are honed to an acute 30° enabling them to cut the hair at its base for an incredibly close shave. A high-speed linear motor maximises the cutting ability. As a result, the blades cut smoothly through even the toughest beards.
30˚ Nano-polished Blades

Fast & poweful approx.13,000 cpm linear motor drive for smooth cuting

The linear motor Panasonic especially developed for shavers ensures there is no loss of power and no stray hairs are missed, even when shaving heavy beards. A rapid linear motor drive delivers a smooth, clean shave at approx.13,000 cycles per minute.
Fast & poweful approx.13,000 cpm linear motor drive for smooth cuting

Reduce Skin Irritation

The shaving sensor automatically detects beard density and adjusts power accordingly, using the optimum power reduces the burden on the skin for a gentle shave.
Reduce Skin Irritation

Contouring Arched Blade

Round-shaped outer foils follow the contours of your face for efficient coverage and maximum comfort. They fit uniformly against the skin, even under your chin, to provide a close shave over the entire surface.
Contouring Arched Blade

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Photo of 3-in-1 Hybrid Rechargeable Shaver ES-LL41
  • 1hr Full Charge1hr Full Charge
  • 3Blade3Blade
  • 3min Quick Charge3min Quick Charge
  • 30° Blades30° Blades
  • 50min Use50min Use
  • 100-240V100-240V
  • Arched BladesArched Blades
  • Beard SensorBeard Sensor
  • LED DisplayLED Display
  • Li-ionLi-ion

3-in-1 Hybrid Grooming Features

Advanced Cutting Performance

Automatic Shaving Sensor

Pop-up Trimmer

  • Yes


  • 2 Attachments

Type of Motor

  • Linear Motor Approx. 13,000cpm

Blade Type

  • 3-Blade

Inner Blade

  • 30°Nano Polisehd Inner Blades

Shaving Sensor(LED Indicator)

  • Yes


  • Yes

Charging Indicator

  • 2LED

Charging Time

  • 1hour

Operating Time

  • 50 min

Power-supply voltage

  • 100-240 V

Replacement Blade(Outer)

  • WES9087Y

Replacement Blade(Inner)

  • WES9068Y

Replacement Blade(Set)

  • WES9013Y

Product dimensions (H x W x D)

  • 15.5x 6.4 x 4.9 cm

Body Weight

  • Approx.155g



Photo of 3-in-1 Hybrid Rechargeable Shaver ES-LL41

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