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Photo of EY45A2XM57
Blade tip speed (no load) 1 (low speed) 120m/min
2 (mid speed) 140m/min
3 (high speed) 162m/min
Blade size 730 x 13 x 0.5mm
Maximum cutting capacity (while rotating material) Round stock 63.5mm
Rectangular stock 56 x 63.5mm
Dimensions / Weight Total length 434 x total height 240 x width 199mm / 4.05kg
Capacity (nominal, full charge) * using genuine blade Electric conduit E25 ~600 cuts per charge
Electric conduit G42 ~90 cuts per charge
NOTE * Specifications when using a 18V 5.0Ah batttery pack
* Warning regarding batteries: If the battery is short circuited by ingress of water, corroded by gas, or or conducting matter, or damaged by excessive impact or external force, this may lead to the emission of smoke, fire or damage. Please avoid using the device in such environments.