An image that shows that nanoe™ X is hydroxyl radicals contained in water
How nanoe™ X works
How nanoe™ X works
How nanoe™ X works

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#nanoeX in healthcare: To improve protection for patients and staff, the 27 #dental practices that make up the Riverdale Healthcare network in England were equipped with #heatpumps with incorporated nanoe™ X technology. The Panasonic solution installed by Sub-Zero Climate Control inhibits the growth of certain viruses and bacteria as well as helping improve the indoor #airquality by spreading hydroxyl radicals in waiting rooms and surgeries.

The Dental Clinic Ablis in France was equipped with a #heating and #cooling system featuring the ground-breaking nanoe™ X technology the doctor discovered at the Interclima trade show and was immediately convinced of.
Not only does the solution help improve protection, but it also reduces unpleasant odours from the air, creating a more pleasant environment for everyone in the building. A 90x90 cassette #airconditioning was installed in every surgery room, moving the air in a manner that doesn’t cause any disruption or discomfort. The mini VRF range installed was planned to meet the requirements and impresses with its efficiency and quiet performance.

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nanoe™ X,
technology with the benefits of hydroxyl radicals

Abundant in nature, hydroxyl radicals (also known as OH radicals) have the capacity to inhibit pollutants. nanoe™ X, technology can bring these incredible benefits indoors so that hard surfaces, soft furnishings, and the indoor environment can be a cleaner and pleasant place to be.

An illustration showing the structure of hydroxyl radicals that are the source of nanoe™ X effects. The fact that a huge volume of hydroxyl radicals contained in water is generated is key.

A naturally occurring process

Hydroxyl radicals are unstable molecules looking to react with other elements like hydrogen, capturing it. Thanks to this reaction, hydroxyl radicals have the potential to inhibit the growth of pollutants, breaking them down and neutralising the unpleasant effects.

An illustration of a hydroxyl radical looking for a hydrogen atom
An illustration of the hydroxyl radical removing a hydrogen atom from another molecule

What happens to substances that have lost a hydrogen atom?

An image of nanoe™ X reaching the source of an odour embedded in a fabric
An image of hydroxyl radicals contained in nanoe™ X removing hydrogen atoms from the odour-causing substance
An image of the fabric deodorised as a result of the odour-causing substance losing its hydrogen

24-hour deodorisation in a facility,
even after closing

Effective on certain adhered viruses

An image showing that the odours and viruses adhered to the tablecloth of a restaurant that a man is cleaning are inhibited by the effect of nanoe™ X

nanoe™ X particles penetrate deep into fabrics to inhibit bacteria that adhere to chairs and minimise odours. Continuous use of nanoe™ X can mitigate the deterioration of fabrics.

Effective on adhered viruses

An image showing that nanoe™ X is effective against viruses adhered to light switches

nanoe™ X is effective not only against airborne viruses, but also viruses attached to things you often touch, such as doorknobs, tables, and chairs.

Maintenance free

An image showing that maintenance is not required for the nanoe™ X generator since it is made of titanium

The nanoe™ X generator requires no maintenance as its atomisation electrode is enveloped in water during its generation process and it is made of titanium. It makes it easier to keep your business environment cleaner.

Safety of nanoe™ X is confirmed

Your body is cleansed by breathing. Your home can be cleansed by nanoe™ X.

In fact, human being is producing the hydroxyl radical in our body through respiration process, and we utilize it’s characteristic of inhibition of pollutants for our cleaning body inside. nanoe ™ X produces hydroxyl radical as 4.8 trillion per second, in the condition of contained water,  which is just one 500 thousand of that human being do.
Nanoe technology is just bring nature balance indoor, so it’s safety.

nanoeTM X is nanoscale particle ions encapsulated with water. It is safe as it is made from water, nature. The safety tests are verified as below.

Test Subject

Test name

Testing organisation

Impact on chromosomes

Chromosome abnormality test using cultured cells

Japan Bioassay Research Center*⁵
(Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)-compliant facility)

Impact on respiratory organs

Repeated administration toxicity test

Life Science Research Laboratory*⁶
(Institution registered with the Cause Investigation Institution Network)

Toxicological and carcinogenic impact

Chronic toxicity and carcinogenicity combined test

Food and Drug Safety Center, Hatano Research Institute
 (GLP-compliant facility)

Impact on DNA

Comet Assay

Food and Drug Safety Center, Hatano Research Institute
 (GLP-compliant facility)

Impact on male and female fertility
and unborn children

Simplified reproductive toxicity test

Food and Drug Safety Center, Hatano Research Institute
 (GLP-compliant facility)

The effects of nanoe™ X
have been recognized by experts

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