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Men's Wet & Dry Rechargeable Shaver

* Unique 5-blade system reduces shaving time
* Stubborn beard lift technology
* Waterproof to 1 metre
* Multi-arc head, with nano-polished blades
* 14,000cpm (cycle per minute) linear motor



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The powerful 5-blade shaver that is kind to your skin

Panasonic is proud to release the next generation of wet and dry shavers, with 5-blade technology designed to reduce the time spent shaving, while leaving your skin soft, smooth and free of irritation.

Five blades lift even the most stubborn beard

The newly developed 5-blade system sets the ES-LV61-K841 apart from other shavers. By dispersing contact pressure more widely than a conventional shaver, the ES-LV61-K841 is able to greatly reduce your time spent shaving. The unique “stubborn beard lift blade” even ensures that the cross-growing hairs on your chin and under your throat are cleanly shaven with one pass.

Waterproof design helps to keep your skin in perfect condition

While a close shave is necessary for the perfectly-groomed look, it can be wasted if your skin is left irritated with red patches, in-grown hairs or dry skin. The ES-LV61-K841’s waterproof design has been specifically developed to be gentle on your skin. It can be submerged to a depth of one metre, making it perfect for use in the shower or bath and you are able to use the ES-LV61-K841 with shaving foam. These features greatly reduce friction against your skin, leaving your face and neck smooth and supple after every shave.

The sharpest blades achieve the closest shave

Nano polished inner blades sharpened to 30 degree knife edge are combined with a curved multi-arc shaving head, to provide the world’s sharpest shave, even in those difficult to reach places. Outer finishing foils protect the skin for a smooth finish, while a 14,000cpm linear motor ensures a powerful, effortless shaving experience.

30 Degree Knife Edge Blades


Flexible Pivot Head

Outer Finishing Foil

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