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14.4V Multi Purpose Cutter

*Cordless capability
*Compact body and lightweight
*Multi-purpose cutter
*Accurate cuts in wood and plastic



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As the EY4542XM is cordless, it can be used almost anywhere the professional requires.

Plus, there's no compromise in power. The EY4542XM provides more than enough punch using motors with high-power magnets, heat-resistant brushes and built-in cooling fans.

The EY4542XM has been developed to be both lightweight and compact. This ensures ease of use, especially in tight areas or working overhead. For your comfort, the advanced ergonomic design of our tools means they're compact, well balanced and easy to operate for extended periods of time without fatigue.

The EY4542XM is a genuine multi purpose cutter due to the innovative guard design. This allows several types of blade to be used safely giving it the ability to cut steel, wood and even plastic.

Spark-free metal cutting with no de-burring and accurate cuts in wood and plastic make this the ideal tool not only for sheet metal trades but for electricians, plumbers and for exhibition stand construction.

Tough Tool IP56

Panasonic power tools feature dust and water resistant technology, recognised under international protection standards.


Cordless capability
Compact body and lightweight
Multi-purpose cutter


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