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Brilliant 4K with Wide-Ranging Smart Features

The CX640 Series brings you to the excellent pristine 4K picture with “HEXA Chroma Drive” and a new Firefox OS based home screen.


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4K Ultra HD

Delivers Four Times the Picture Resolution of a Normal HD TV

With their 3840 x 2160 resolutions, 4K Ultra HD TVs make pictures look so detailed and pristine that you feel like you’re looking at the real world through a window rather than watching TV. Especially when features like high brightness/high colour space panels and the powerful Quad Core Pro Engine are on hand to tease out every last tiny detail 4K has to offer.

Hexa Chroma Drive

Colour Rediscovered

Now you're seeing all the colour. Richer, brighter and sharper than on any television you’ve ever owned. Thanks to a unique Panasonic technology called Hexa Chroma Drive which uses 6-Colour Reproduction and advanced processing, the image quality is naturally stunning. VIERA takes you and your family into an entirely new world of viewing pleasure.

800Hz Backlight Motion Rate 4K IFC

Makes Sure 4K Pictures Don't Lose Sharpness When They Contain Motion

One of the biggest weaknesses of LCD TVs is the way they can lose resolution when showing motion. This problem is especially noticeable with otherwise pristine 4K images. BMR 4K IFC solves this problem by inserting carefully calculated new frames of picture between each original source frame, and manipulating the screen's backlight scanning engine.

Super Bright Panel Plus

Boosts Brightness to Make Pictures Look Crisper and More Dynamic

LCD TVs aren’t usually very bright when set up to look their best, due to the types of light they use and the need to limit brightness to aid contrast. Super Bright Panels solve this problem via a combination of a new panel-driving system, a panel structure that lets light through more easily, and a highly efficient backlight system.

my Home Screen 2.0 powered by Firefox OS

Quick, Intuitive Access to Just the Content You Want

Thanks to Firefox, "my Home Screen" will be renewed, as a single gateway to all the broadcasting channels, apps and connected devices. A new Firefox OS-based home screen makes it easy to access the content you want with intuitive operation.

TV Anytime, Anywhere With Twin HD Tuner

Watch and Record Two Programs Simultaneously

Watch or record two TV broadcasts at the same time. You can transfer a channel to a smartphone or tablet device while you are watching another one on the TV for simultaneous watching.


Hexa Chroma Drive
my Home Screen 2.0 powered by Firefox OS
TV Anywhere with Twin HD Tuner



Photo of LED TV VIERA TH-65CX640A

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