Ben Leclair


Ben Leclair

Sports, documentary story telling.


Quebec, Canada



My name in Ben Leclair, 29 years of age and I have a pretty unusual story!

I’ve loved action sports my whole life and I was very fortunate to have a career as a professional wakeboarder. Traveling the world for competitions and promoting companies, I was always surrounded by photographers and I was always very intrigued by their craft. Once I got my first camera (Lumix GH4) it became an essential in my travel bag. The transition to go behind the lens felt very natural when I started filming other riders since I could anticipate their actions with the camera. Here’s a link to one of my first video projects with the GH4:

I was still learning my ways as a videographer when my life was flipped upside down because of a wakeboard crash that turned me into a quadriplegic in 2016. Since then I’ve constantly pushed myself physically to regain movement to get back into video production. Six years later I am a totally different person but my passion for creating videos keeps expanding. I’m very thankful to the Lumix G series for giving me the freedom to create independently even with my physical limitations.

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