Sara Sirouspour

Sara Sirouspour

General Counsel

About Sara

Sara Sirouspour brings 18 years of experience to her role as General Counsel at Panasonic Canada Inc.

Sara joined Panasonic in 2016, drawn by the opportunity to work with an industry leader in the renewable energy sector. Her experience with litigation management, corporate governance, regulatory compliance and construction law compliments her role at the company where she is known for her ability to bring together key stakeholder and facilitate effective communication. Sara is energized by Panasonic’s constant innovation and nimble business culture which allows her to continuously learn from her peers.

Known for her steadfast focus and attentiveness, Sara faces challenges head on and is committed to providing efficient solutions. Sara is passionate about lifelong learning, communicating the law in an approachable manner, solving seemingly unsolvable problems and preserving the environment.

Prior to joining Panasonic, Sara worked for a municipality where her efforts directly contributed to the cleanup of environmentally contaminated lands, preservation of woodlands and at-risk species, building of affordable housing and ensuring drinking water supplies remained clean and safe.

Sara is a member of the Ontario Bar and holds a J.D. from Western University.

Outside of the office Sara enjoys reading, cooking, running and partaking in fun activities with her children.

Quote: “As an industry leader in renewable energy, working with the teams at Panasonic who care so deeply about moving in the right direction is invigorating. Viewing business challenges from a legal perspective allows me to create lasting and meaningful change in the industries Panasonic serves.”

One word that best describes Sara: passionate