Sue Oehrlein

Sue Oehrlein

General Manager, Business Process, Sales Operations & IT Solutions

About Sue

Sue Oehrlein brings extensive background in business, management and operations experience to her role as General Manager of Business Process, Sales Operation and IT Solutions at Panasonic Canada Inc.

Joining the company in 1983, Sue was drawn to Panasonic’s brand reputation and the company’s commitment to making the world better for their employees and communities in Canada and worldwide.

Starting in Panasonic’s accounting department, Sue has since held several positions from the Sales Division to the Business Process and Sales Operations. In her role as General Manager, Business Process, Sales Operations & IT Solutions, she oversees the administrative and supply chain management functions for Panasonic’s sales divisions and IT business support and project management functions. Sue also provides leadership and training to staff, sharing her many years of experience for working for the organization. She is also heavily involved in business process improvement to support ongoing business strategies, manages the optimisation of IT platforms and builds strategic partnerships and practices to ensure the achievement of sales division objectives.

Sue is passionate about Panasonic’s business transformation and has evolved with the company as it has gone through rapid change. Sue’s flexible mindset, adaptability and openness to reskilling is reflected in her belief that prioritizing effectiveness and efficiency in systems and the employees who use them is essential to success. She views the company’s business transformation as an evolving strategy that requires ongoing listening, learning, embracement and improvement.

Previous to her time at Panasonic, Sue worked for a major camera brand.

Outside of the office, Sue enjoys travelling, enjoying time outdoors with her dogs and supporting the sick and homebound in her parish community.

Quote: “Throughout my career at Panasonic, I have witnessed the company’s commitment to making things better for our employees and our community. It makes me proud to be a part of a company that is innovative, embraces transformation, and has over 50 years of success in Canada and 100 years globally.”

One word that best describes Sue: forward-thinking