Corporate Donation Program Guidelines

Corporate Donation Program Guidelines

In addition to our employee volunteer program, PCI supports the community through financial donations to eligible charities and non-profit organizations. The focus of PCI's support is in the following two categories (Education and Community Relations/Social Welfare):


I. Education: Emphasis on programs that provide hands-on educational enhancement and enrichment opportunities to a diverse population including youth, educators and the designated groups as defined by the Employment Equity Act (women, aboriginal peoples, visible minorities and persons with disabilities).

Where feasible, Panasonic Canada corporate outreach programs will have linkages to business goals and objectives, incorporate company products and utilize skills and talents of employee volunteers.

Educational initiatives should
• Have some type of measurable values
• Encourage development of team building skills
• Expose participants to a variety of future potential career opportunities
• Focus on participants with situations that result in societal disadvantages and/or lack of access to technology
• Target inner city schools and students with diverse populations
• Promote use of company technology for students in kindergarten through university and adults

IICommunity Relations / Social Welfare: Emphasis on programs and activities that reflect Panasonic Canada's principle of "contribution to society" by involvement in outreach efforts that:

• Exhibit concern for the environment
• Support disaster relief appeals
• Incorporate web-based initiatives for corporate-wide programs (i.e. disaster relief online donations, KWN video selections)
• Allow maximum employee participation
• Include local social welfare entities (i.e. Police, Fire, Hospital)
• Influence and enhance positive cultural relations (i.e. Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre)

Criteria for Selecting/Approving Corporate Donations

All recipient organizations must be not-for-profit organizations or registered charities, as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency. Contributions are made in the form of cash, company products, facility usage, and/or employee volunteers. 

• Should have clear, concise and measurable results
• Should have a documented growth plan to leverage funding, employee volunteerism and have a demonstrable impact on recipients
• Program/project focus area must be in Canada with preference given to the Mississauga/GTA area in which PCI operates
• Funds cannot be used to support individuals raising funds for a registered charity
• Funds cannot be used to support programs or organizations that discriminate based on race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender, national origin or physical or mental disabilities.
• Funds cannot be used to support profit-making entities
• Funds cannot be used for the purpose of business development (i.e. marketing / sales promotion)
• Funds cannot be used for political campaigns or organizations
• Funds cannot be used for salaries of staff/teachers, etc.
• Funds cannot be used for travel fees for school groups, visiting dignitaries, etc.
• Funds cannot be used for religious organizations/programs
• Funds cannot be used for the purchase of equipment from competitors
• Funds cannot be used for sports-related fundraisers
• Funds cannot be used for random requests for donations of product (raffle, silent auction, etc.)
• Funds cannot be used for construction and/or renovation of physical facilities


Organizations seeking funds must submit their requests through the official Donation Form. Only organizations meeting PCI's donation criteria will be considered. Selection and amount of funding awarded is subject to available budget.