Blender MX-SS1


4-Blade Hand Blender

with Chopper and Whisk attachments

Hand Blender MX-SS1



High Performance

A powerful 210-watt motor drives 2 Straight & 2 Blending blades for quick, efficient blending, making it great for dips and smoothies.

The Stainless Steel Wand can be placed directly into a pot or pan for soups and sauces. And it features One-Touch operation, so when you remove your finger, the power goes off.

Easy Food Processing

The Chopper attachment makes food preparation fast and easy by mincing foods like onions and meat. You can adjust the speed to match the hardness of your ingredients, using slow for vegetables and fast for hard items such as nuts and dry bread.

The Whisk attachment quickly aids in preparing whip cream or egg whites, saving time and bother out of preparing sweets.


The Easy-to-Grip handle fits snugly in one hand and the stainless steel wand and beaker are both dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up. The hand blender also stores neatly on the wall bracket for a clutter-free kitchen counter.


Blender MX-SS1
Blend, Chop, Whisk
Easy-to-Grip Handle
2 Straight & 2 Blending Blades


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