Thermo Pot NC-HU401


4.0 Litre Electric Thermo Pot with U-VIP




Diamond fluorine & binchotan-carbon coated inner pot

With “Binchotan-carbon” coating on the
inner surface of the pot and the additional
coating of diamond fluorine, the result will
be tastier & healthier tea.

Healthy Tea

The “Binchotan-carbon” on the inner surface of the pot is coated with Diamond Fluorine.
By making the boiling time longer, it alkalizes the ph level of hot water, which enables
you to extract more “tasty elements” of tea, such as amino acid and cathechin. You can
enjoy healthier tea. Also, it keeps the alkalized hot water at the same ph level, when the
pot is in “keep warm” mode.

High performance vacuum insulation panel

The inner pot is totally covered with the new vacuum insulation
panel (U-VIP), which keeps the hot water hot, just like a themos.
Save up to 42% energy compared with non-VIP models.

Temperature selector

Three keep warm temperature selections:
Approx. 98 °C (208 °F) 
Approx. 90 °C (190 °F) 
Approx. 80 °C (180 °F) 

Red floating water level indicator

Allows you to see how much water is remaining in the pot.

Secure dispenser lock

The dispenser lock button guards against unintended use.

360º Rotating base

Easily rotate the unit in any direction for added

Quick disconnect power cord

Power cord disconnects quickly in the event it is acciden-
tally pulled or dragged.

Bincho charcoal coated interior

Easy-to-clean and non-stick interior.


Thermo Pot NC-HU401
Charcoal coated non-stick interior (Premium Japanese carbon “BINCHO” plus Diamond fluorine coating)
Energy saving timer
(4 / 6 / 8 / 10 hour timer)
Timer Setting
360 °C Rotating Base


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