Multi Cooker SR-TMJ181


Multi cooker

• Microcomputer controlled Fuzzy logic versatile cooking
• Approx. 1.8 Litre (10 cups) capacity
• 13 hour preset timer
• Non-stick, easy to clean cooking pan
• Keep warm function (up to 12 hours)
• Black and stainless steel design




10 Fully Programmable Cooking Menus

These menus make it easy to boil rice, bake desserts, create main dishes like stews, delectable desserts and various types of cakes. Even time-consuming dishes such as compotes and porridges can be done entirely in this single cooker. Your kitchen becomes a more efficient cooking space, because the grill and cooktop are freed up for other things.

Cooking menus: White rice, Brown rice, Steam, Stew, Slow cook, Soup, Cake, Brownies, Compote, Porridge


Simple, 2-step cooking

Simply put the ingredients into the Multi-cooker and press two buttons: cooking function and start. The Multi-cooker does the rest, from start to finish. Cooking is done with optimal temperature and time, thanks to the Fuzzy Logic microcomputer control. All you have to do is wait for it to finish.


Multi Cooker SR-TMJ181
1.8 Litre (10 cups)
Uncooked rice capacity
10 Programmable menus
Stew, steam, soup, porridge, white rice, brown rice, slow cook, cake, brownie, compote
276 x 274 x 275 mm
Dimensions (H x W x D)


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