Message from the President

In the three business areas of "Food," "Household," and "Beauty and Health," which are handled by the Living Appliances and Solutions Company, Panasonic has been solving our customers problems by evolving our products based on a number of cutting-edge technologies such as energy saving, IoT, and AI, and various knowledge cultivated by being close to people's lives. In addition, we have been working on the home appliance recycling for more than 20 years as the responsibility of manufactures who have produced many products.

In recent years, the environment surrounding people's lives has changed dramatically due to the diversification of lifestyles, the accelerating aging of society and declining birthrate, and the effects of climate change, and various social issues have arisen. Even if the environment surrounding our company changes, we will always be close to people and society and continue to take on the challenge of solving problems through our products and services.

We want to be a partner who realizes creating personal well-being with differentiated technologies, services, and ideas.

In addition to the evolution of individual products, the Living Appliances and Solutions Company will propose Panasonic's unique solutions by integrating hardware and software. Through the creation of new experiences and value, we will respond to diversifying needs, solve social issues, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Panasonic Corporation
Living Appliances and Solutions Company
President Michikazu Matsushita