Silky Fine Mist systems

Green AC Features

Ultra-fine mist (Silky Fine Mist)

Our proprietary 2-fluid nozzle is used to generate ultra-fine mist (Silky Fine Mist). This works to rapidly lower temperatures through evaporative cooling and removes heat from the skin through the same mechanism as sweating. It also ensures comfort and leaves less water on surrounding surfaces.
Since the ultra-fine particles tend to float around in the air, it is also suitable for adding aesthetic staging effects to a production. This can include the diffusion of light to flood an entire space in color and projecting beams of light to create high-quality images with a three-dimensional effect. Silky Fine Mist is a brand new technology that is a step ahead of conventional mist.

Silky Fine Mist atomization technology

Conventional mist (1-fluid mist)

Atomization only generated using high-pressure water.
When compared to mist generated by a 2-fluid mist nozzle, this results in a much larger particle size and is less likely to evaporate, making it easier for things to get wet.

Silky Fine Mist (2-fluid mist)

An atomization method that mixes high-pressure water and compressed air to make a finer mist.
The fine particles easily evaporate which reduces the amount of water remaining on surrounding surfaces.

2-Fluid Nozzle

Our proprietary 2-fluid nozzle generates mist with a particle size of just 6 to 10 μm.

*1 According to research conducted by Panasonic.
*2 Reference: Comparison of Evaporation With Different Particle Sizes
Under Panasonic's test conditions (temperature 28 °C, humidity 60 % RH):20 μm particles completely evaporate at a distance of around 170 cm (flow rate 50 ml/min). 6.7 μm particles completely evaporate at a distance of around 70 cm (flow rate 20 ml/min).


Green AC

The combination of the silky fine mist that is a step ahead of conventional mist technology and the air curtain creates a cooling effect, resulting in cool spots among the heat of the city. This allows you to maintain comfortable living spaces.

Green AC Flex

The flexible installation method makes it easy to use at any location. Silky Fine Mist is a high-quality mist that leaves less water on surrounding surfaces. This is perfect for creating cool spots and can even be used to add aesthetic staging effects.

Green AC Flex Lite

This is the first Green AC Flex portable model.
It does not require special installation and comes equipped with casters for portability. It emits our high-quality Silky Fine Mist that leaves less water on surrounding surfaces and perfectly refreshes any indoor space.

Additional Information

Case Studies

Here we can see some examples of customers who have adopted the Green AC series.


Green AC can revitalize various spaces in ways other than simply eliminating heat.

MORPHIC - Creating aesthetic productions

Endless combinations
Silky Fine Mist can be used to create a range of unique production spaces.