Silky Fine Mist systems

Revitalize any space with our ultra-fine Silky Fine Mist

The silky fine mist instantly refreshes any space, creating cool spots among the heat of the city.


Green AC

The combination of the silky fine mist that is a step ahead of conventional mist technology and the air curtain creates a cooling effect, resulting in cool spots among the heat of the city. This allows you to maintain comfortable living spaces.

Green AC Flex

The flexible installation method makes it easy to use at any location. Silky Fine Mist is a high-quality mist that leaves less water on surrounding surfaces. This is perfect for creating cool spots and can even be used to add aesthetic staging effects.

Green AC Flex Lite

This is the first Green AC Flex portable model.
It does not require special installation and comes equipped with casters for portability. It emits our high-quality Silky Fine Mist that leaves less water on surrounding surfaces and perfectly refreshes any indoor space.

Additional Information

Case Studies

Here we can see some examples of customers who have adopted the Green AC series.


Green AC can revitalize various spaces in ways other than simply eliminating heat.

MORPHIC - Creating aesthetic productions

Endless combinations
Silky Fine Mist can be used to create a range of unique production spaces.