Silky Fine Mist systems

Cooling of Spaces

Ultra-fine mist (Silky Fine Mist) with a particle size of 6 to 10 μm efficiently cools the air through evaporative cooling as well as your body by mimicking the mechanism of sweat.

Evaporative Cooling
Heat is removed from the air as the mist evaporates.
Since the mist is made up of extremely small particles, it easily evaporates for high cooling efficiency.

Cools Your Body
Heat is removed from your body as the mist evaporates off your skin.
The mist evaporates as soon as it touches your skin to directly cool you in a comfortable manner through the same mechanism as sweating.

Global Warming & Heatstroke
Due to global warming, the average temperature in Tokyo has risen by 3.2 degrees Celsius over the last 100 years. This has increased the number of cases of fatal heatstroke. 40 % of these cases occur outdoors. As the temperature is expected to rise even further in the future, it is essential to prepare some countermeasures.

The SET* temperature scale is an effective way to demonstrate the cooling effect of mist.
"Standard new Effective Temperature".
SET* is a standard temperature scale that is used to represent the level of heat experienced by a person. In addition to ambient temperature, it also takes into account radiation, humidity, and wind factors. People can be heated by radiation directly from the sun as well as infrared radiation from hot objects. Humidity affects heat dissipation due to sweating, and wind affects heat dissipation due to convective heat transfer from the skin. In order to evaluate the temperature sensed by a person, it is necessary to consider all of these factors. The SET* temperature scale is calculated based on 6 factors. These consist of four environmental factors (temperature, humidity, wind speed, and radiation) as well as two human factors (clothing, metabolism). It is defined as the "equivalent temperature of an isothermal environment at 50 % RH in which a subject would have the same heat stress and thermoregulatory strain as in the actual test environment" and it is calculated by performing a heat balance analysis on a human body thermal model.

Fine mist is considered to be an effective way to lower the perceived temperature for people outdoors.
According to the Ministry of the Environment's "Guidelines for Countermeasures Against Urban Heat", a combination of heat countermeasures according to the particular location and local characteristics is the best method for lowering the perceived temperature (SET*).

Stage Productions & Aesthetic Effects

Ultra-fine mist with an average particle size of just 6 μm* can be utilized to create magnificent artistic spaces both indoors and outdoors.

As the Silky Fine Mist generated by the 2-fluid nozzles has an extremely fine particle size, it easily floats in the air. This has the effect of diffusing light to flood an entire space in color and allows you to project beams of light to create high-quality images with a three-dimensional effect.
* When using the Green AC Flex series.

Many exciting new stage effects are made possible by mist. As this clean mist is completely harmless to both people and objects, it is perfect for use in a wide range of indoor spaces such as events, concerts, and commercial facilities.

Silky Fine Mist is generated by passing water and compressed air through our proprietary 2-fluid nozzles. Unlike conventional smoke machines, it uses water instead of special chemicals. This makes it completely harmless to the human body. It is perfect for use in a wide range of spaces such as commercial facilities.

  Silky Fine Mist

  smoke machines

Silky Fine Mist

Smoke machine


The particle size can be adjusted according to the desired type of stage effect.

Diverse lineup

Liquid used

Drinking water

Special liquid chemical

Effect on people and objects

Since it easily evaporates, objects and the surrounding space stay relatively dry.
Since regular drinking water is used, it is not harmful to people.

Depending on chemical composition, it may be necessary to clean the equipment and surrounding space after each use.


There is a very low risk of nozzle clogging.
After operation is finished, the automatic discharge program removes any water remaining in the pipes to ensure hygiene is maintained inside the pipes and the device body.

Thorough cleaning is required after use.

DMX signals that are used to control lighting and effects can also be used to control the generation of mist in real-time for even higher-quality stage effects.*

DMX signals can be used to start, pause, and control the volume of mist generated. Combining this with other production equipment such as lighting and projectors allows you to have tight control of the production visuals to suit any program.*

* A separate DMX-PWM signal converter is required. This system is also compatible with the Green AC Flex high-capacity model.

Sanitizing of Spaces

Nursing care facility * Photograph for illustrative purposes only. 


Office space 

As the ultra-fine mist spreads throughout the entire space and lands on objects that people touch, it is the perfect tool for disinfecting the surroundings.

An ultra-fine mist consisting of a fluid with disinfecting properties is sprayed into the space. This Silky Fine Mist easily floats throughout the space for rapid disinfecting.
* Several conditions apply to the practical application of this feature.
For more details, please refer to the Flex Lite product overview page.

Deodorizing and Scent distribution

Hotel * Photograph for illustrative purposes only. 

Movie theater 

Office reception 

The Silky Fine Mist rapidly deodorizes and infuses aroma throughout the entire space.

A liquid that removes odors and adds a pleasant aroma is sprayed out as fine mist. As this mist fills the space, it provides a wide range of effects. Having a spray rate of just 25 cc/min per nozzle allows these effects to quickly appear.
* Some liquids may not be compatible with your device. Please contact our sales staff before using any new liquids.

Indoor Humidification

Paper factory * Photograph for illustrative purposes only. 

Textile factory 

Nursery school 

Humidify a space simply by spraying mist.
As the ultra-fine mist evaporates before people, the surrounding area, or equipment gets wet, it is extremely effective for humidification.

Low levels of humidity may lead to product defects or reduced production efficiency.
It is also said that decreases in humidity may activate viruses that cause various diseases. Silky Fine Mist prevents people, the surrounding area, and equipment from getting wet while also providing a range of benefits due to its ability to humidify a space.

Industrial Applications

Farm * Photograph for illustrative purposes only. 

Livestock/dairy farm 

Production floor 

The application of ultra-fine mist can add value in a range of industrial fields.

The ultra-fine particles with a diameter of just 6 μm can be used in a variety of industrial applications such as promoting the growth of vegetables, preventing livestock from overheating in the animal husbandry and dairy industries, and cooling products in the manufacturing industry.

Additional Information

Case Studies

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