What is the water consumption of the system?

It depends on the number of nozzles or the flow rate, but the maximum water consumption is 400ml/m (13.53 US fluid ounces), 24 Liter/ h (6.34 US liquid gallons) for the AE-GF041 series.

What is the water requirement for the system?

Potable water which meets the local drinking water standard must be used. There is a residual concentration of free chlorine, which keep the system hygienic in the potable water. Filtered/softened water without free chlorine should not be used.

I'm concerned about the mineral buildup. What does the system do to prevent build-up?

When water evaporates slowly, minerals build up. At the end of each operation, the system purges the residual water in the tube to prevent buildup.

Does the mist make me feel wet if I’m close?

Silky Fine Mist evaporates with your skin temperature when you are about 60 cm (2 feet) from the misting nozzles.


What is the maximum piping length?

The maximum piping length is 45 meters (147 feet 7.654 inches) for AE-GF041 series and 40 meters (131 feet 2.8 inches) for AE-GF021 or AE-GF02A series.

What is the maximum vertical height?

The maximum vertical height is 3m above/below the sprayer unit.

Can we use imperial-size tubing in place of the mm tubes?

We are not able to use imperial-size tubing, unfortunately. The leakage may occur when another size of tubing is used.

Do I need a plumber or electrician to install the unit?

Plumbing work and electrical work must be performed by a qualified plumber and electrician.


Is it necessary to clean and sterilize the water piping as part of the maintenance process?

Free chlorine in the potable water keeps the pipes hygienic and prevents the growth of algae. However, the tube may be replaced when a significant drop of residual chlorine concentration in the tube is observed at regular maintenance.

What kind of maintenance support do you offer?

We offer maintenance service based on the application and frequency of the usage. Maintenance includes replacement of consumables and electrical parts. Please contact us for the details.

System specifications

What pressure does the system generate?

The system generates 0.45 Mpa (65.267 psi) water pressure and 0.25 Mpa (36.259psi) air pressure.

Is there any filters in the system?

There are three types of filters in the system. Those are all to remove foreign materials in the air and requires replacement every six months depending on the usage. There is no filter for the water.

How loud is the system?

The noise level from the misting system (sprayer) is 56dB when standing 1m from the unit.

How much area does your misting machine cover?

Various factors affect how quickly the mist dissipates. In an outdoor environment, the mist will dissipate within 1.3 to 1.6 meters (4.3 to 5.2 feet), while staying visible for 2 to 3 meters (6.6 to 9.8 feet).

How much power does your system consume?

The rated power consumption for AE-GF041 series is between 1.9kW to 2.1kW depending on the models.


Is the system UL listed for use in the U.S.?

The system is not UL listed. To get the system certified for every project, we use UL or Intertek's field evaluation services.

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