UA3P Ultrahigh Accurate 3-D Profilometer

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UA3P options for measuring a wide range of shapes


Mechanics options



Auto Tilt Stage (2 Axis, 3 Axis)

Mechanism that automatically corrects the tilt of a measuring object based on its measured data.


Wafer Chuck & Stage

Adding an air chucking stage and recognition camera for wafer lens measurement.


Decenter and Tilt measuring Jig (various types)

Jig used for decenter and tilt measurement (used in combination with option software [9])

Stylus for top-surface measurement

Top Diamond Stylus R 2 D 60
Top Ceramic Stylus R 500 μm
Top Diamond Stylus R 2 D 60 (L=12mm)
Top Diamond Stylus R 2 D 45 (EM)
Top Diamond Stylus R 2 D 30
Top Diamond Stylus R 5 D 45

Stylus for side-surface measurement

Side Ruby Stylus φ2 mm
Side Ruby Stylus φ 1 mm
Side Ruby Stylus φ 300 μm
Side Ceramic Stylus φ 1 mm (L=30mm)
Side Carbide Stylus φ 80 μm
Side Carbide Stylus φ 30 μm

Decenter and Tilt measurement jig

Decenter/Tilt measurement between lens faces
The lens is fixed on a jig provided with three reference balls for combination. Any decentering between the lens faces is evaluated by measuring both faces of the lens.

Aspherical face - Aspherical face lens
Example of evaluation of lens decenterand tilt
Decenter and tilt measurement jig

Observation camera

Applicable model:All models
A measuring point is magnified for display to enable easy positioning.

Observation magnification 40x-50x (for a 17" monitor)

Wafer level lens (WLL)

Applicable model:UA3P-500H/650H/700H

Wafer level lens (WLL)

* Precautions
*1 Note that the ruby stylus is at risk of breaking due to its large coefficient of friction while measuring aluminum lenses or surface-coated lenses.
*2 The stylus for side-surface measurement (Φ30 µm - Φ300 µm) may require an observation camera for measurement.
◆ In addition to the contents described, we prepare a variety of stylus, such as different size and material. Please contact our sales for detail.


Software Option



Circular scanning measurement function

Adds circumferential scanning NC paths for measured objects with a hole in the center.


Top Flat centering function

Function that enables centering of a measuring object whose center is nearly flat.


User-defined formula function

Function to evaluated by user created formula.


Aspherical coefficients fitting function

Function to fit aspherical coefficients based on measured data.


Diamond stylus correction function

Function to correct stylus tip shape based on standard sphere measured data.


Point cloud data design formula creation function

Function to generate a spline curved formula based on points cloud converted from CAD data (provided by the customer)


One million data points sampling, captureing 2000 points per second function

Function to expand the number of measurement points and to increase the speed of capturing data points.


Waveguide software (offline)

Function to evaluate the dimensions of the shape of an object based on the measured data.


Decenter and tilt evaluation software (offline)

Function to evaluate decenter and tilt of lens front and back using the jig installed 3 sphere.


Automatic Measurement Software

Function to create measurtement procedure program and to execute procedures automatically.


Wafer lens measurement software

Function to measure and evaluate wafer lenses in combination with mechanical option [2]

Circumferential scanning measurement software

The measured object is circumferentially scanned and measured.

  • Hollow objects are also measureable.
  • Up to 1200 concentric circles.
The measured object is circumferentially scanned and measured.

User-defined software (free-form curved surfaces, etc.)

Other formulae are supported in addition to the lens design formula that is registered as a standard feature.
The use of the C language for creating the design formula and the calculation part of a partial differential equation allows all of ISO10110-12 to be covered.

User-defined software (free-form curved surfaces, etc.)

Software for creating point group data design formula

A rectangular curved surface is created using the spline function with respect to given 3D point group data.

Creation of design formula
Evaluation of varifocal glasses

Fitting software (rotation symmetry)

A previously unknown design formula of a measured object can be obtained from the measurement data.

Fitting software (rotation symmetry)


Applicable model:All models except for UA3P-400T


Fully automated, including probe movement and focus ON/OFF
Supporting various errors

* The jig is prepared by the user