UA3P options for measuring a wide range of shapes




New diamond stylus for top-surface measurement
Supports precise shape measurement, such as of mobile lenses and diffracting gratings

New diamond stylus for top-surface measurement

Ruby stylus for top-surface measurement*1
Uses a high-sphericity ruby ball for general-purpose measurements

Ruby stylus for top-surface measurement

Stylus for side-surface measurement*2
Super-steel or ruby available for the tip.

Stylus for side-surface measurement

Decenter and Tilt measurement jig

Decenter/Tilt measurement between lens faces
The lens is fixed on a jig provided with three reference balls for combination. Any decentering between the lens faces is evaluated by measuring both faces of the lens.

Aspherical face - Aspherical face lens
Example of evaluation of lens decenterand tilt
Decenter and tilt measurement jig

Observation camera

Applicable model:All models
A measuring point is magnified for display to enable easy positioning.

Observation magnification 40x-50x (for a 17" monitor)

Wafer level lens (WLL)

Applicable model:UA3P-500H/650H/700H

Wafer level lens (WLL)

* Precautions
*1 Note that the ruby stylus is at risk of breaking due to its large coefficient of friction while measuring aluminum lenses or surface-coated lenses.
*2 The stylus for side-surface measurement (Φ30 µm - Φ300 µm) may require an observation camera for measurement.
◆ In addition to the contents described, we prepare a variety of stylus, such as different size and material. Please contact our sales for detail.



Circumferential scanning measurement software

The measured object is circumferentially scanned and measured.

  • Hollow objects are also measureable.
  • Up to 1200 concentric circles.
The measured object is circumferentially scanned and measured.

User-defined software (free-form curved surfaces, etc.)

Other formulae are supported in addition to the lens design formula that is registered as a standard feature.
The use of the C language for creating the design formula and the calculation part of a partial differential equation allows all of ISO10110-12 to be covered.

User-defined software (free-form curved surfaces, etc.)

Software for creating point group data design formula

A rectangular curved surface is created using the spline function with respect to given 3D point group data.

Creation of design formula
Evaluation of varifocal glasses

Fitting software (rotation symmetry)

A previously unknown design formula of a measured object can be obtained from the measurement data.

Fitting software (rotation symmetry)


Applicable model:All models except for UA3P-400T


Fully automated, including probe movement and focus ON/OFF
Supporting various errors

* The jig is prepared by the user