UA3P Ultrahigh Accurate 3-D Profilometer

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Is it possible to make design equation except for the standard design equations by ourselves?

A. Yes, it is. In that case, you have only to use the user definition-type preparation function equiped as an optional software. When it is used, a C language is used.

Q. Is it necessary to treat the surface of the object?

A. It is not necessary. But, when dust and so on sticks, wipe a surface with a clean cotton stick because that dust is measured as a measurement object. And, clean room is not needed, but in a same reason, analytic processing of the measurement data after a measurement becomes easier if the measurement is done in the clean room.(reference : specifications)

Q. What is the reason why a radius at the tip of probe was 0.5mm (ruby stylus) and 2µm(diamond stylus)? And,how should we use properly?

A. Ruby stylus of radius 0.5mm is used for the form measurement,and especially big object is measured early.Diamond stylus of radius 2µm is used for the roughness measurement and small objects

Q. Tell me the difference of the accuracy by the difference of a slope angle (reference : specifications).

A. Generally speaking, a slope angle is getting bigger, the power in the side direction to probe gets bigger, therefore measurement becomes difficult. It is the strong point that measurement accuracy is high to any slope angles by rising the rigidity of AFP in the side direction. And as it is the easiest to measure at zero degrees of slope angle, when a slope angle is lower, the measurement accuracy gets better.

Q. When the aspherical lens is set, if an optical axis of the aspherical lens is deviated against one of design equation, what happens?

A. It is done for a measurement machine to find a center of the measurement thing automatically(auto centering function). And, as for the compensation of the deviation to the optical axis after the measurement, as it is to be corrected automatically(auto arigment function) by the date analysis software (arigment software), the experienced skill is not necessary.