Purifying Technologies

Purifying Technologies

Panasonic has been continuously developing “purifying technology” to enable hygienic lifestyles and improve public health. A notable example is the development of hydroxyl radical contained by water technology. Beginning its development in 1997, the technology was installed in air purifiers for the first time in 2003. Thereafter, through continuous innovation, the technology is now integrated across a wide range of products, contributing to people’s hygienic lifestyles.

As we are forced to make drastic changes in our traditional lifestyle due to COVID-19, a “new normal” is gradually taking shape across many scenes in our daily lives. We have defined “indoor air quality (IAQ)” as the fifth infrastructure along with electricity, gas, water and communication under this “new normal”. While Panasonic considers temperature, humidity, air flow, and purity to be the four key elements of “IAQ”, purity is currently drawing greater attention. Opportunities where our technology can contribute to improving “IAQ”, especially on the element of purity, is expected to grow in the mid-long-term.

Our endeavor towards better “IAQ” have already begun. Panasonic’s “purifying technology” is utilized not only in home appliances, residences, and offices but also in various spaces including vehicles and trains as well as public spaces such as sport stadiums to create safe and comfortable space in our daily lives. By addressing the increased need for “IAQ” driven by COVID-19, we will continue our contribution to solving social issues.

Masahiro Shinada
Lifestyle Updates Business Division
Panasonic Corporation

Purifying Technologies

Panasonic air conditioning and ventilation technologies contribute to the health of body and mind and more comfortable living for people around the world, delivering Quality Air for Life.

Leveraging the power of water to purify the air, innovative Panasonic hydroxyl radicals contained in water technology contributes to the comfort of living environments.

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