DC-S5M2X Firmware Update

DC-S5M2X Firmware Update

Panasonic offers firmware update program for DC-S5M2X (S5IIX) to enhance the performance and usability

DC-S5M2X Firmware Update
  • Compatible with Frame.io Camera to Cloud
    By connecting the camera to the internet via Wi-Fi, you can upload still images and proxy videos directly to the Frame.io platform.
    *This does not guarantee all of the functions of “Frame.io Camera to Cloud”.
  • [Proxy Recording] function has been added.
    •A proxy video with a low bit rate can also be recorded simultaneously during video recording.
  • [SH PRE] function has been added.
    •[SH PRE] function has been added, which enables recording of images for the set amount of time even between when the shutter button is pressed halfway until it is pressed fully when taking SH burst pictures.
  • Automatic detection function has been enhanced.
    •Tracking and recognition performance of human recognition have been improved.
    •It is possible to set [Target Parts] and detect eyes for [ANIMAL].
    •[CAR] and [MOTORCYCLE] have been added to automatic detection.
  • Enhancement of Image Stabilizer performance.
    •[HIGH] has been added to the E-Stabilization (Video) function, which electronically corrects large shakes when shooting on the move.
    •A perspective distortion correction has been added to correct distortion that tends to occur during video recording when using a wide-angle lens.
  • Other improvement
    •Operational stability has been improved.
    •There were cases where coloring such as reddish-purple occurs under certain conditions when shooting in Live View Composite mode.  This phenomenon has been fixed.

Operating Instructions for the Change of Specifications

Firmware will be available from UTC 1:00 am on April 22nd 2024.

DC-S5M2X Firmware Update

There were cases where vertical lines would appear in the image when capturing JPEG photos or JPEG photos processed from RAW format on the camera in i.Dynamic Range control. This bug has been fixed.

DC-S5M2X Firmware Update

1. Added functions

  • [AF-Point Scope] Function has been added

Added an AF point scope function that allows you to enlarge the focus position during AF.

  • High resolution mode function has been enhanced

It is now possible to set the shutter speed up to 8 seconds in the High Resolution mode. In addition, [Long Exposure NR] can be used.*
Thanks to the image stabilizer, [Handheld High-Res] mode has been added to enable recording pictures with higher resolution even without using a tripod.
*When [Long Exposure NR] is set to ON during [Handheld High-Res] mode, the shutter speed that can be set will be max. 1 second.

  • MF Assist Magnification setting has been added

It is now possible to magnify the full screen mode display in MF Assist up to approx. 20 times when recording pictures

2. Others

  • Improved the switching speed between LCD and EVF.
  • Improved viewfinder visibility between continuous shooting frames.
  • Improved operational stability.
DC-S5M2X Firmware Update

1.Improved performance- Improved image quality when shooting with V-log.

- Improved compatibility with some SD cards.
- Improved operational stability.