Panasonic Star Generator

Panasonic Star Generator


Now available with the FC Barcelona design option!

Brand new feature: design of FC Barcelona, Spain's number 1 team and one of the world's top football clubs. Pose together with FC Barcelona big players for newspapers or TV and become a star, too!


- Choose your preferred design by flicking left or right.

- Tapping the design itself or "OK" sets the design you chose.


- Take a photo by tapping the camera button in red.

- Re-choose the design by tapping "Back".

- Select the photos saved by tapping "SELECT PHOTO".


- Adjust the position of the photo.Zoom in/out the photo.


- Rotate image 90° to the right by tapping “ROTATE”.

- Put an effect to the image by tapping “EFFECT”.


- Tapping "SAVE" saves the photo you took.


- You can share the photos you took with your friends..

Terms of use

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[On this Application]

Please be reminded that the image contents you create on this Application will be deemed to be the Company's original creation but the Company does not warrant accuracy of the contents.

[Rights to contents of this Application]

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[Images created by this Application]

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The Company will take no responsibility whatsoever for any troubles caused by your images downloaded and fabricated by other users.


[Prohibitions for users]

In case of violation of the Use Regulations, provision of this Application to you or the Use Regulations may be terminated without notice.

The following acts are kindly prohibited in using this Application. If the Company judges at its own discretion that your act falls on either of the following, it may, without notice, take measures to limit your access to this Application.

-An act, or threatened act of infringement of the Company's or third party's intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc., and trade secrets, portrait rights, privacy rights, etc. of a third party, including, but not limited to, reproduction of this Application, disclosure or leakage of personal information without consent of said person, etc.

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-An act, or threatened act of infringing upon the Use Regulations.

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-An act, or all threatened acts of participating in or providing support for any antisocial forces.

-Any act of using this Application for extended periods of time that might cause troubles to user's physical conditions.

-Any other acts, or threatened acts that the Company may deem inappropriate.



Copyrights of all created images belong to the Company.

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In using this Application, you will agree to abide by all relevant laws and regulations and using it at your own responsibility.

The Company will not be held liable whatsoever, if you cannot use this Application for any reason or you should incur any damage.



No Warranty This Application is provided as is. Unless otherwise set forth in the Use Regulations, and to the maximum extent applicable laws permit, the Company will not provide any warranty, express or implied, as regards the usability, accuracy, convenience, certainty, marketability, adaptability to specific purposes, non-illegality, security (including freeness from any virus or other harmful components), or outcome of use of this Application.

Cost and expenses for use You will at your responsibility and cost prepare for the environment necessary for use of this Application and bear all expenses relevant to communications.

Posting at social media platform The Company will not be responsible for any functional disruptions or occurrence of errors at any social media platform to which posting can be made from this Application, or for any occurrence of harmful events at this Application or its server. Further, you are reminded to confirm the Use Regulations (terms and conditions for use, rights, disclaimers, etc.) within each social media in using its functions and abide by the stipulations at your responsibility. The Company does not provide any warranty and will not be responsible for the functions of each social media you use to which posting can be made from this Application.

Responsibility The Company will not be held responsible for any damage (including, but not limited to, loss of profit, erasure of data and disruption in business) incurred by the use, inability to use, or as a consequence of use of this Application.

Technical support The Company will not promise, guarantee or undertake any technical support in any way for this Application. The Company does not offer any support either through mail, FAX or other means for this Application. And, no complaints therefor will be accommodated.

Complaints or claims for damages In case you should receive complaints or claims for damages for or in connection with matters set forth in the following from a third party, you will at your own responsibility and cost resolve such claims. The Company will not be liable to cooperate with you in such claims.

(a) Connections to this Application.

(b) Breach of the Use Regulations.

(c) Infringement of a third party right.

(d) Anything related to terminals for use of this Application.

(e) Any other matters related to the use of this Application. Further, in case the Company receives any complaints or claims for damages from a third party for or in connection with the above-mentioned, you will indemnify and hold the Company harmless from any and all damage, loss, liability, expense, or cost (including, but not limited to, reasonable legal fee) incurred therefor or therewith.

Examples of disclaimers Disclaimers in this clause will apply to such cases as follows, for example.

(a) Where this Application is stopped or delayed, or wrong transmission has occurred, due to obstruction, intrusion or altered information by a third party, or other trouble has occurred.

(b) Where, due to limits, errors or glitches in this Application, the information transmitted by the Company fails to reach you at all, correctly or completely.

(c) Where you have incurred damage as a result of your use of or through the linked site.

(d) Where you have suffered ill physical conditions due to the use of this Application.


[Modification of this Application]

The Application may be modified in functions, added, suspended, altered, deleted or incapacitated for access at the discretion of the Company without notice, and the Company will not be liable whatsoever for the damage suffered by you on account of said modified functions, addition, suspension, alteration, deletion or incapacitation for access.


[Modification of the Use Regulations]

The Company may modify the contents of the Use Regulations without your consent. You will be deemed to have agreed to such modifications upon using this Application. Matters not provided for in the Use Regulations will be subject to the decision made by the Company according to provisions set forth separately.


[Governing law and jurisdiction]

The Use Regulations will be governed and interpreted under the laws of Japan. If any dispute should arise between you and the Company in connection with the Use Regulations or services provided hereunder, the Tokyo District Court in Japan shall be the mutually agreed court of exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance. The Company will not bear any expenses (for transportation, etc.) incurred by you due to the dispute.