System Controller

System Controller

Individual control is possible for max 64 groups, 64 indoor units.

  • Control of 64 indoor units divided into 4 zones. (One zone can have up to 16 groups, and one group can have up to 8 units.)
  • Control is possible for ON/OFF, operation mode, fan speed, air flow direction, operation monitoring, alarm monitoring, ventilation, remote controller local operation prohibition, etc.
  • Joint use with a remote controller, an intelligent controller, etc. is possible

(The maximum number of connectable system controllers is 10, including other central controllers on the same circuit.)
(In case of joint use with a wireless remote controller, there are limitations for the control mode. Please use only with setting “Permit” and “Prohibit1 (prohibition for ON/OFF)”.)

  • Control of systems without a remote controller and of main/sub systems (a total of up to 2 units) is possible
  • Weekly timer function8 programs per day (with ON/OFF/Mode/Temperature/Central control setting items) for 1week (7days) can be set.
  • Special holiday setting can ignore the timer operation temporary by keeping original timer setting. (Special holiday setting can be removed by same setting display.)
  • 5 types of Energy saving function

Set temperature automatic return / Set temperature range limitation / Off remind / Off timer operation / Demand control timer