What's VRF Smart Connectivity?

Stand alone Smart Connection

VRF Smart connectivity connects Panasonic VRF and PAC indoor units by wired connection.

VCM8000V5094P will be required to connect with Zigbee Sensors.
* CO2 sensor will be released at the end of 2018.

Sensing Technology

The wireless solution using sensors born from the collaboration between Panasonic and Schneider Electric enables easy installation in existing and old buildings in which wiring is difficult (installation in a wired environment is also possible). The result is high-quality occupancy control and automatic IAQ control.
The sensors detect the presence or absence of occupants, and the opening and closing of doors and windows to achieve the most efficient energy management for exceptional air-conditioned comfort.
Flexible installation is possible to match different applications and building features such as walls, ceilings and closeness to doors and windows. No wiring means extra installation versatility.

BEMS Smart Connection

The Smarter solution to simplify energy management, optimize building efficiency and drive savings.

With Plug and Play, connection to a BEMS is extremely easy. Better still, a remote controller is all that’s needed to enable use as a stand-alone system. As well as dramatically reducing the burden on system integrators, this cuts costs.

*VCM8000V5094G will be required in case product needs to do MPM connection.
 This product will be released at the end of 2018.

SE8000 smart controller with direct hub to ZigBee® Pro sensors.
Great Occupancy and IAQ control. Ex: Hotel room occupancy check by PIR sensor, IAQ by CO2 sensor,
Door / Window contacts.

BACnet (BEMS open protocol) direct connection.
Can be assigned a BACnet address by room scale.

For Schneider Electric BEMS connection, Panasonic VRF widgets enable easy Plug and Play.
Better understanding for VRF as a chiller system.

BEMS Conventional System vs VRF Smart Connectivity

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