The Future of Control.

Case 1 : Hotel

Guest Room Management Solutions

Deliver exceptional guest satisfaction while optimizing energy and operational efficiency.

Case 1: Hotel
Room Key Cardless Solution

Room Key Cardless Solution

The SE8000 and Zigbee Sensor automatic detection function offer optimal air conditioning regardless of whether there is a hotel room key or not.

Occupancy Sensors Enabling Automatic Control for Outstanding Efficiency

Sensors in the room and on the controller detect the presence or absence of occupants and the opening and closing of the optimum air-conditioned environment guests expect, automatic control ensures the most efficient operation when they are away or when windows are open. This contributes to an appreciable reduction in operation costs.

Occupancy sensors enabling automatic control for outstanding efficiency.
Customization in approx. 20 languages possible

Customization in Approx. 20 Languages Possible

The display can be customized to match the native languages of guests to enable smooth, stress-free communication for hospitality at its finest.

A Truly Comfortable Experience for Guests

Easy-to-understand, refined on-screen images enable display of hotel logos and original welcoming messages. Color and design can also be customized for different facilities to create an even more comfortable environment for guests.

A truly comfortable experience for guests

Case 2 : Office

Smart Energy Management for Small and
Medium Office

Offer employees more comfort while reducing costs and boosting office layout flexibility

Case 2: Office
Room Key Cardless Solution

Color and Design to Match Office Interiors

When creating an office environment, a stylish appearance that complements the design of the office the design of the office rather than interfering with it is an important consideration. Color combinations and design can be set to match different facilities.

CO2 and Humidity Sensors for High IAQ

CO2 sensors (option) taking measurements in units of ppm, and humidity sensors enable fine air quality control. This creates the most comfortable space for occupants while contributing improved employee satisfaction.

CO2 and humidity sensors for high IAQ

Case 3 : Retailers

Smart Energy Management for Small and
Medium Retailers

Improve customer comfort. Reduce costs. Create new possibilities.

Case 3: Retailers
Energy management for high return on investment (ROI)

Energy Management for High Return on Investment (ROI)

Avoid the huge costs that occur when the control of air conditioning is left to staff with a tailor-made solution. Automatically controlled operation with precise settings reduces both wasted energy and running costs. This in turn contributes to improved ROI which is directly linked to management.

Installation Possible during Business Hours without Closing the Store

To install a new system, it was previously necessary to close stores and restaurants. Now, thanks to Panasonic’s wireless technology, smart installation is possible without closing an establishment or performing building work such as knocking down walls. And enjoyment of customers isn’t interrupted.

CO2 and humidity sensors for high IAQ
Installation possible during business hours without closing the store

Easy-to-understand Error Description

Error description during an emergency is easy to understand, enabling staff to respond quickly. By eliminating the wasted cost of calling a service person every time there’s a problem, this reduces total annual maintenance costs.

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