Key Technologies

Energy Saving

Energy Saving

Remarkable Improvement
on Key Components

By conducting technical development that maximizes energy-savings and low running costs, the VRF Series promises to deliver greater comfort to all customers through even higher performance.

Improved key Components

Newly Designed

Bell Mouth

Newly designed curved air discharge bell mouth for better aerodynamics

The new curved shape with integrated top and bottom assure smooth exhaust flow. This gives more air-volume with same sound level, less power input at same air-volume.

Newly designed curved  air discharge bell mouth for  better aerodynamics

Newly Designed

Inverter Compressor

Multiple large-capacity
all inverter compressors

Two independently controlled inverter compressors achieve high efficiency. Redesigned components in the body provide performance improvement especially in the rated cooling condition and EER performance.

Multiple Large-Capacity  All Inverter Compressors

Intelligent 3-stage oil management system

The Panasonic system efficiently manages oil recovery in three stages; minimising the frequency of forced oil recovery while reducing energy cost and maintaining comfort.

Intelligent 3-stage Oil Management System

Newly Designed

Heat Exchanger

Enlarged heat
exchanger surface area
with triple surface*

The new heat exchanger features a triple-surface construction. Compared to the divided dual-surface construction in current models, there is no division of space and the area for heat exchange is larger. Also, highly efficient piping pattern increases heat exchange performance by 5%.

* For 8 & 10HP unit, the heat exchanger is 2 row design.

Enlarged heat  exchanger surface area  with triple surface*

Large air discharge area with new flush surface top panel

To reduce air resistance, instead of a tubular fan design, a new large flat fan guard design, flush with the top panel, is employed. This design lead to the improvements in air resistance, but also contributed to better appearance designing

Comparison Images of fan gard design for ME2 and ME1

Optimized air flow

Newly designed fan and bell-mouth reduces stress on the fan by dispersing air quickly. Thus, lower air resistance results in lower energy consumption.

Optimized air flow

Noise reduction

Turbulence (blue) can be suppressed and the unwanted noise can be reduced. Even though a high speed fan is utilized, the noise level is still very low.

Noise reduction