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Extended Operating Range

High Reliability Even Under High Temperature Conditions

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The FSV-EX marks a revolutionary step forward in VRF efficiency. A look at the incredible EER value clearly indicates that. What's more, this high EER value is achieved even during part load operation.
This shows the extraordinary energy-saving performance the FSV-EX is capable of providing.

Extended Operation Up to 52℃

Designed to be durable enough to withstand extreme heat, FSV EX ensures reliable cooling operation over an extended operation range up to 52˚C.

Panasonic builds air conditioning systems not only with a high EER for rated operation, but also with Seasonal-EER appropriate to the customer’s actual environment of use. For instance, with rated operation, outdoor temperature is constant at 35℃, but in reality the outdoor temperature is continuously changing. Consequently, required air conditioning performance also changes. That’s why Panasonic implements the following kind of proprietary control.

※For ME2

Operating cooling Range Comparison Chart for ME2 and ME1
Operating heating Range Comparison Chart for ME2 and ME1

Full-capacity Operation Up to 43°C

Capacity Ratio Chart for ME2

The FSV-EX can provide cooling even when the outside temperature reaches a maximum of about 52°C. And amazingly, it can still operate at 100% capacity when the outside temperature is as high as 43°C. This high power capability enables reliable operation even under extremely high temperature conditions.

<Test Condition>
12HP model, IU/OU capacity ratio:100%,
Indoor Condition:27℃[DB]/19℃[WB]
Competitor A spec is from technical data book.

*These feature availabilities vary depending of the models.